XF 2.1 Go Daddy Hosting (cPanel) Xenforo Questions (pics)

Hey there. I have some big questions regarding installing XenForo on my CPanel Hosting site. However, there's a crop of issues rising and I was trying to put this off for as long as possible, but my young millennial gaming business is suffering a plateau because of my incompetence. So here it is.

I've seen the Go Daddy posts regarding choosing a different host, however, amongst the thousand of other sites, there in lies figuring out how to use their software to install said forum on. So perhaps I'm at a loss, I can change hosting but what's the point if it'll be even more confusing?

For starters, I'm using my website is using "/forum" for the Domain in house tab to direct users to my "forum is not up, here's a blog post until I can get xenforo installed on a separate web hosting site through the same company" section.
Main Problem/Questions:
1) Should I just remove the tab and make /forum the location of the Xenoforo forum? Is that even possible since I don't have access to the same "root folders"? (which will be shown shortly)

I have made a separate "Web Hosting" not connected with the Main Face Webpage to in other words install my Xenforo onto.
After downloading Xenforo in preparation to Install Xenforo I pointed my Domain's Subdomain to the same "Web Hosted" so that That address gets internet? Idk how to explain or understand what that means, but I know I can't use "my website name/forum" cause that's a subdirectory and I don't have access to those files. Maybe I do I wouldn't know.
2) So far, does this make any sense?

As for the whole MySQL shebang with the making a username and password, giving all the rights to said user so when I got to the forum.mywebsite.com/install part, I'd be set to go until.. I started using WinSCP. I installed (dragged contents of Upload folder into a folder and outside of a folder ) multiple times in different areas within the public_html folder to then go to www.mywebsite.com/upload or www.mywebsite.com/install and was met with a 404 or even a "There's actually nothing here at all" message that I still don't understand.
3) Is the problem my hosting? Is the problem where I dumped the contents of the Upload folder?
4) Is where /home/grzljztwnj82 is, supposed to be my subdomain: /home/forum.mywebsite.com ?

This is where I'm at. I have little to no clue what I'm doing, although I've followed the instructions on Xenforo help (minus using Fzilla whatever that other freeware to move files into the cPanel manager)

TL;DR: If you're going to tell me to switch to another host and keep my domain the same, then walk me THROUGH the WHOLE process of it all, don't waste my time by telling me what I, after purchasing Xenforo found out by digging around, was going to find out anyway. I didn't want a cookie cutter my PHPBB forum, if that were the case I'd have installed it using the Go Daddy app. Help me out, will ya?
If you are going to use /forum (I'd suggest community instead) and your account is already set for the root domain, you simply make a sub-directory in the /public_html called forum (or community). Then you extract all files in the /upload directory into that subdirectory you have created, then run through the install process. That's assuming you have already created the mySQL DB and user.
If you are creating another sub-domain to run it in, such as forum.yourdomain.com, then cPanel should have allowed you to create the home directory for it. You would then extract all the contents of the /upload folder into it.
If you are going to have it in the root directory, simply place all contents from the /upload directory into /public_html

The reason I suggest you use /community instead of /forum (or a derivative thereof) is that the default route index for the forum is yourdomain.com/forums. If you place it in a subdirectory called /forums then you will see yourdomain.com/forums/forum whereas if you use /community you will see yourdomain.com/community/forums.
As for your question #4, that is your main account directory with GoDaddy. All your web related stuff by default goes into /public_html unless additional domains/sub-domains are created.
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