Please suggest some good hosting solutions


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I just bought XF yesterday and am new to all this, so would be very grateful for suggestions for a decent hosting company. I already have a domain.

I'm after decent website performance, good quality support and reasonable prices (not just after the cheapest) and since I'm in the UK, would prefer that they be UK based so that the servers are in the UK and I get billed in UK pounds.

Note that I expect traffic to be fairly low for some time, but I do have a small community of fellow computer enthusiasts who are currently very active on WhatsApp which will love their new forum and can't wait for me to launch it, so it won't sit there idle, either.

I've already done some looking around, so have some idea of what I want. A host offering cPanel seems like a good idea and a regular backup strategy of the critical database data is essential, as is being able to back up the forum installation. I'll want to try integration with WordPress too, so I need to be able to host that as well. Anyone know what and are like?

Over the last week, I've become familiar with Amazon Web Services as part of my research into the best forum software for my needs (they have an image of the open source phpBB, which didn't cut it for me). So, I'm now familiar with how AWS works and its vast offering of on-demand services, including web hosting, which is very impressive and I might end up using it. However, it might not be the best type of service for me, so I'm open to suggestions from fellow community members with much more experience of web hosting than me. :)
Most folks here recommend @MattW or KnownHost for their hosting services. Personally I use Linode, which is excellently priced, great service/support, and a variety of plan shapes.

@MattW is extremely competent at setting up, migratiing, maintaining, fixing and optimizing forums, and very reasonably priced.
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