1. Tim Jay

    Should I leave cpanel? General server optimization

    I have been using cpanel/whm on centos for years now and I would like to make a change. I'm a little tired of the apache /mysql combo as it seems to become sluggish as time goes on. Cpanel has always been nice and provides some decent tools here and there but I think it hogs too much of the...
  2. Infopro

    cPanel Forums Moves Xenforo, UI.X

    The move to Xenforo happened a while back, and it’s already been posted about on this forum by others. Still, we're very happy with the end result and since we’re coming up on the anniversary of the move, I wanted to post about it here and share a few comments with the Xenforo Community. From...
  3. MattW - Server Configuration / Hosting / Support

    I've not really put anything on here to advertise myself before, as people have just been contacting me to request work be done. Here is what I'm available to do. Server Management Services Server Configuration (CentOS / Cpanel) Apache setup Nginxcp setup Switch MySQL to Percona / MariaDB...