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  1. AppleAndMango

    Backup Storage

    What do you use to backup? I've been thinking of using AWS S3, the forum I run isn't massive less than a 1GB including files and the database so it should cost pennies. What do you use and what does it cost?
  2. tonmo

    AWS migration recommendation

    A few Sundays ago I was perusing this forum and came across someone talking about migrating to AWS... This has been a topic of general interest for me (I had been running on a dedicated server), so when I saw a post from @fly offering his qualifications and offer to PM for help, I reached out...
  3. eberkund

    How to get Amazon SES to forward bounce emails

    I was reading this http://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/DeveloperGuide/notifications-via-email.html But I cannot seem to figure out how to get Amazon SES to send bounce notifications to bounce@mydomain.com has anyone figured out how to do this?
  4. B

    Issue setting up Enhanced Search on AWS

    We're running Xenforo on AWS, but are experiencing some issues setting up Enhanced Search that we were hoping someone might be able to help with. We have three machines running: a web server, a database, and a search machine. All the ports are open to allow the machines to talk to each other...