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  1. Tott3

    XF 1.5 Test Board Questions

    Hi, I've used Xenforo for quite a while now, but I have never used any "test installation". Now I'd like to set one up in a sub domain, the F.A.Q says it has to be password protected, how do I do this the easiest way? As there's no mention that unchecking "Board is Active" is enough, brings me...
  2. adaaaam

    Subdomain or not?

    Hi guys, Yesterday I installed XenForo for the first time at mturkers.org/forum. I quickly discovered that XF adds /forums/ to forum permalinks e.g. mturkers.org/forum/forums/great-hits/ The same applies to threads, and this makes the URLs look redundant. After research I discovered this...
  3. allangeorge

    Is it possible to integrate xenforo with wordpress

    My website is a fitness community; it has a blog section and forum. Blog section is done in wordpress and forum is currently done using bbpress. But I am planning to migrate from bbpress to xenforo. Here are few concerns raised by my web developer:- If i add a ecommerce to my current...
  4. rafass

    Sub-directory or Sub-domain for your Store?

    Easy question: Your main domain is running your Forum and you're planing to open a store to sell products. what do you prefer: yourdomain.xxx/store [Sub-directory] or store.yourdomain.xxx [Sub-domain] Opinion of Matt Cutts (Google) : :coffee: