1. Bradison

    XenForo + WordPress + Xpress = ?

    Hey all.. I could use some clarification. I'm building a WordPress site and I want to include a XenForo forum on it. From what I've been reading here, it's possible to make them work together as one cohesive experience for my end-users.. But where I'm not totally clear is how the XenForo will...
  2. L

    XF 2.1 Go Daddy Hosting (cPanel) Xenforo Questions (pics)

    Hey there. I have some big questions regarding installing XenForo on my CPanel Hosting site. However, there's a crop of issues rising and I was trying to put this off for as long as possible, but my young millennial gaming business is suffering a plateau because of my incompetence. So here it...
  3. J

    First Time Configuration On GoDaddy

    I have GoDaddy webhosting (Deluxe Web Hosting Windows) and am attempting to set up my first Xenforo forum. Following the instructions for installation of XenForo 2, I point my browser to the install folder and get this error: "PHP 5.4.0 or newer is required. 5.3.6 does not meet this...
  4. T

    In need of help.

    Hello, I'm really interested in buying a XenForo License but I can't find any clear explanation to how it works, and it's a lot of money I'm debating spending on something I know so little about. My real question is how does the software work? I'll explain my situation quickly, I'm looking to...