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I'm really interested in buying a XenForo License but I can't find any clear explanation to how it works, and it's a lot of money I'm debating spending on something I know so little about. My real question is how does the software work?

I'll explain my situation quickly, I'm looking to buy web hosting / Domain from either GoDaddy or GGservers.. is there a difference? Once I have brought web hosting from them what situation will be In and how to I bring XenForo in to make it look something like this? If someone could tell me how I should go about this aswell? I really have no idea what I'm getting my self into.

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In addition to purchasing a license, as XenForo is not hosted, you will also need hosting (GoDaddy would work, or any reputable host) and a domain (URL).

Then it's a simple case of configuring the hosting/URL (which your host would typically help with), creating a database instance, uploading the files and installing the software.

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