Add-on In need of a add-on to auto archive links [] from RSS Feed and if possible, to integrate Google Translation to the thread.


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Hello great developers.

I think this idea is very original and have some demand, since XenForo system is a worldwide and probably the most used today.

Since we have the RSS Feed functionality, i have some security concerns about the mainstream media changing their content, or, even deleting the post.

So, i need to some posts from RSS Feed to auto archive [ - or anything similar] when i need it (or approve the post).

I only use XenForo and the best CMS add-on in the scene, the AMS from Bob. My site is something like a 'fact-checker' and aggregator services.

But, i have so much trouble rewriting the headlines and translating international posts is very hard to do it manually.

I don't need to be a perfect translation from Google, just the basic functionality to pinpoint the main subjects of determined post and i can edit after.

I did see some add-on like this for XF 1.x, but, we don't have for 2.X versions of XF.

So, anybody wiling to do? I think we have a demand for this.

And what about the price?

You guys can reach me in this thread or via PM, I'm here to listen to offers.

Thank you very much for the attention.
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