1. S

    Cloudflare problem

    Would love some thoughts and advice. I am a noob. Just back in the forum game. Wanted that shiny padlock and seen that Cloudflare would offer that on the free tier. I set everything up and went through the cloudflare configuration and enabled everything they suggested, including caching I...
  2. spectre007

    XF 2.0 Add new font family XF 2.0

    I downloaded Helvetica.ttf and was wondering where to upload it, and what to edit in Xenforo js to enable it to be drop-down selected to be used as a Font Family in a thread by users trying to format their post?
  3. T

    In need of help.

    Hello, I'm really interested in buying a XenForo License but I can't find any clear explanation to how it works, and it's a lot of money I'm debating spending on something I know so little about. My real question is how does the software work? I'll explain my situation quickly, I'm looking to...
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