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Mike Creuzer

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Hey All,

Audentio Design is proud to announce the next release and framework that all Audentio Design products will support.

-- Collapsible nodes
-- Optional header slogan
-- Logo text, and logo icon from FontAwesome
-- Side by side nodes
-- Node table style
-- Social media page icons
-- Easy border radius, font size, typography, and element sizing
-- Make an open design with lots of padding or a condensed design with very little space between elements easily
-- Simplified color palette for intuitive design changes
-- Basic blocks, broken down to change the entire design in seconds
-- AD Styler, presets for your design customizeable by your users
-- Sticky navigation, navigation will stick to top of page while you browse
-- FontAwesome font library and Google Fonts integrated for easy customization
-- Switch sidebar side from right to left
-- Remove tab links and replace it with a dropdown menu
-- Login box open as a modal box instead of a slideout
-- Moderator Bar customization
-- ALL responsive and easy to manage


Mike Creuzer

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Thanks! And it is actually complete, save a few minor details. Just gotta package it up!

Any feature requests?


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Looks awesome! I had purchased the Class theme a long time ago (which support has also ended) when I purchase upgrade service will I have access to the framework? Can I use it with other themes for instance?


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I really like the side by side nodes. Just had a look at your dark Quark style and liked that a lot.

Chris D

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Not a fan of style frameworks generally but this looks awesome.

Looking forward to getting Drift updated for 1.2. Having to run xf default style at the moment until its updated :(


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This is the first time I have seriously considered using a third party style.
Mainly due to this:
Make an open design with lots of padding or a condensed design with very little space between elements easily
As I use a fixed width, I have very minimal padding and margin to maximise the width available and most third party styles require too much work to change it so I figured it wasn't worth bothering.


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All I'll be doing is changing the colours around to match the existing style (given it's already the default XF theme)

Mike Creuzer

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The only thing that's putting me off wanting to buy it is that it seems as though it will be pretty popular :) And I think it's a great fit for but I think I want an element of uniqueness there eventually.
Well, I dont know if itll be popular yet. I went against my own principles by making a feature-filled framework. That said, it is extremely optimized, so Im okay with all the features.

With a couple minutes, you can make a design that is so unique no one will recognize it. Contact me, we can go through some of the stuff together. Ill be posting a video as well to help people understand how to customize the theme.
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