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Extra Portal 1.2.4

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How many portal users would be interested in a permission check?
Should we change this?
Not really a big deal for us, kind of a one-off thing, but I suppose having like a "staff news post" would be sort of cool, if the thread is promoted via a private forum, on the home portal page it could have an extra css selector so we can style it differently, seems like a cool thing but completely optional heh.

On another support issue, I'm trying to hide something specific to the forum_list and the portal index. I'm putting this into page_container:

<xen:if is="!in_array({$contentTemplate}, array('simpleportal_index', 'forum_list'))">
Of course with the content + the /xen:if however it's only hiding it on the forum list, not the portal index.

My widgets are setup to use that simpleportal_index so figured it would work here too.

Fixed; my typo :D
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Hi Oman,
This exact error was reported previously and upon our investigation, we were unable to duplicate this. Having said that, we have rewritten most of the code that could have possibly produced this error in the next version anyway.
Sorry that you are experiencing the error, hopefully the next version will solve this problem.
I have just had the same error im afraid :(

It's only a test board for the moment, so can provide access if needed.


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So this works, almost, but it doesnt seem to display images from the post in the portal?

This feature is a pain in the ass and one of the reasons why extra portal 1.2 is still beta :( (another reason are the custom addons for @Stuart Wright )

Before it goes gold i have to include more options for the attachment selection for the autopromoted threads


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Hey.. why i see the images as a big Screen? That takes to much space and it looks terrible :D
I need that as a small Image as before in the Right upon corner.

How i can change that back?

And yes.. i need the masonry effect..
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