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Extra Portal 1.2.4

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This version will fix the pagination bug.
Fixed a bug in our install code that became a bug due to a bug being fixed in XenForo :p

Note that the install bug only affects XenForo 1.4.0 Beta 3 and beyond.
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Sorry, please ignore the 1.2.1 build, because the addon.xml file contains some data from the 1.3.0 branch.

If you've already upgraded to 1.2.1, pls upgrade the addon to 1.2.2 (Just upgrade the addon.xml)

1.2.1 Changehistory:


ExtraLicense is pleased to announce the release of [Extra] Portal 1.2, the best (and free) Portal addon for XenForo. If you (you know who you are) are using an alternative portal, you should do yourself a favor and and at least try this Portal.

Built for speed and simplicity, Extra Portal was refactored from Simple Portal as we didn't think the word "Simple" did it justice.

We would like to thank everyone that provided bug reports and feedback throughout the beta and release candidate period and are proud to present finally 1.2.0 GOLD

Let's walk through the setup and use of [Extra] Portal 1.2

Setting the Portal as the Index Page Route so that it will be the default landing page for your site.

Setting the Permissions and New Categories:

Manual Promotion of threads, Inline Moderation Promotions and Attachment Selection:

Auto-Promotion Of threads from a specified Node:


Styling Options:

Fully Hooked to take advantage of [bd]Widget Framework integration or any other framework you wish to use (No proprietary widgets here :D):
extraportal_end (new)

Notable Changes:
All Hooks, Templates and Phrases have been replaced to reflect the new name. For instance, simleportal_top has been changed to extraportal_top and so on and so forth. So make sure you update your [bd] widgets and other dependencies accordingly.

New in 1.2:
Inline moderation and Inline promotion:

inline mod2.PNG
thread inline moderation.PNG

Attachment Selector
This is a small bugfix release,to fix a wrong mysql index, which could cause problems if you promote different content types with the same ID. (this didn't happen to anybody in the past, because the extensions where coded for some clients and the chance to run into this issue was MINIMAL)

Full change history:
  • Fixed the wrong mysql index
  • renamed template hooks (replaced the simpleportal prefix with extraportal )
    • extraportal_top
    • extraportal_list
    • extraportal_item
    • extraportal_add_content