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Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.1.20

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Here are some more of my chat css hacks if anyone needs them:
#siropuChat .block-container{box-shadow:none !important;}/*remove box shadow from chat*/
.siropuChatDateTime,.siropuChatMessageActions{background:none !important;}/*remove white bg from chat message meta*/
.siropuChatConversation.siropuChatUsers > li[data-conv-id].siropuChatActiveConversation{background:#000 !important;}/*remove white bg on username in private chat*/
#siropuChat .fa-eye-slash{color:unset !important;}/*unset weird siropu chat spoilercolor from crimson*/
#siropuChatBarUserCount a{color:#fff !important;}/*make chat button on bottom right white*/
#siropuChatContent .username{font-weight:normal !important;}/*make username in chat regular font*/
#siropuChatHeader span:before{content:'Live ';}/*make chat title say live chat instead of just chat*/
.siropuChatDateTime{line-height:20px !important;height:20px !important;display:block;}/*stop text from bouncing on hover*/
.siropuChatMessageText .bbWrapper{color:#fff;}
.siropuChatMessageRow.siropuChatMention .siropuChatMessageContentLeft > a.username{color:#000;}
.siropuChatMessageRow.siropuChatMention .bbWrapper{color:#000;}
.siropuChatMessageRow.siropuChatMention .siropuChatDateTime{color:#000;}
.siropuChatConversation.siropuChatUsers>li[data-conv-id]:hover{background:#000 !important;}
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@Siropu i finally got around to upgrading to 2.2 and the chat addon. the new mobile view is enormous, even with the 'compact mobile' setting checked. the upgrade seems to have wiped out my settings and i can't find what the right code was to shrink the height of the box on mobile and desktop. any help would be appreciated.
@Siropu Hi sorry I think you missed my question sir.

There's an option for "Above Content" but unless I select "All Pages" the Disallowed pages box doesn't respect the URL's in it. What I want is to only show the chat above the content on (1) the main forum page, (2) the node pages and (3) the forum posts, nowhere else -- especially not on security pages, login, register, etc.. Could you add an option for that?

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You have options in the Chat style properties. Look for "Chat content height".
this doesnt seem to be working on mobile any longer. i reverted the number to the original and it went back but no change on mobile. then i reapplied it and still no change on mobile but it did update on desktop. not sure what's going on there.


The latest update to Xenforo 2.2 seems to have broken something. When pushing enter, the chat message does not go through, it just goes down to the next line. Haven't found a way to post a message.


Hi, Can user user copy paste image in chat? We can do it at forum posts.


I can copy paste this image in forum but can not in chat. I have to save at the computer/mobile device first. Then upload image chhose image, insert image then finally add image. This way long :) Sorry for bad english.


Why flies this pop up for a regular user, when I click the button to disable the chat the error pops up. What do I need to fix?


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does anyone know how to remove the horizontal line option and paragraph format? I tried to do it by bbcode but it will not allow me to remove it