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AI Phrase Translation by Siropu - Automate phrase translation using AI

This add-on allows you to translate phrases of add-ons or entire language packs using ChatGPT.

Translate button for individual phrases when edited.
Translate button for phrases on "Translate phrases" page.
Mass translation page where you can translate phrases for selected add-ons, including XF language packs (Can be found under Appearance > Languages & phrases).
You can choose between GPT 3.5 Turbo and GPT 4.
You can save phrases upon translation.

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Getting an API key - Is there only one single source to get that (from ? Anyone know of any deals at all - or is it straight cut?

Thanks! Interesting addon.
I think I spent around $5 for translating over 1700 phrases. Some phrases are longer than others and that meters. I'm planing to translate to Romanian the entire XF and I will see then the total cost.
Cool! Would be great if you could put that in here when we can so know the rough range for an entire phrase language set. Definitely seems reasonable though.
Please clarify what i need to add in "ChatGPT custom prompt" field
Is this field a complete replacement of the original promt or a complement to it? It would be nice to know what is contained in the original promt then to avoid repetition or to know what exactly needs to be changed to get the translation I need.
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[*]XF::runApp() in admin.php at line 13
Was that into one language - and with any addons, or just vanilla XF?
one language, xF, RM, xFMG, and A LOT of addons. now i just need someone who understands the language to actually check the translations since despite 11 years of learning it in school I can't actually speak it beyond knowing how to ask a teacher can I go to the bathroom, and saying "I like cake".

edit: much like these lads actually

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for anyone wondering what this wonderful poem in our native tongue is, he's saying "Can i go out to the toilet? And the red dog. I like cake. And Sharon Ní Bheoláin (she's a famous newsreader). I have a jumper. The cloud is in the sky. GIVE ME THE CAKE. Quiet. Road. Girl. Milk."
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Sorry if it's a silly question.

Can't I just simply upload the language XML file to ChatGPT and prompt it to translate according to my needs?
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