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Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.1.20

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Hi, Is there any option to show people a pop up/clickable to make bigger pictures when they click a image in chat. Forum users reported small pictures in mobile and they want zoom in.
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What are the max active connections for chat? My site just crashed last night with 100+ in the chatroom.

Also learned my hosting company doesn't allow chat. Any good hosting services for XF and this chat?


I've looked but couldn't find any direct instructions, how do I remove the "Start Chat" button from under the users avatar (when clicking on their username)? I'm okay with hacking it out but need instructions, it's confusing for users.


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You can disable the template modification member_macros (Add start chat button.) added by the add-on.

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@Siropu I found a slight problem. When the forum is closed from Admin CP setting, the chat box still loads if the member logs in and they have the chat usually open. The chat should not appear while the forum is closed (it is blank anyways, rooms not loading so it's just misleading.).


Hi @Siropu
Updated my forum to 2.2.1 and using the latest version of the chat. A few of my members have asked this

my mouse used to target in the chat before the update but now I have to click in there every time. Is this something that can be fixed?

Any idea on how to get it to work like it used to?
Same here.


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Users from smartphones are not able to give reactions other than Like (first reaction), even if they hover their finger above the Like.
They can give only Likes. Is that a bug?


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@Siropu i keep getting an error on screen when i try to create a private conversation. The chat room option allows me to chat in the chit chat room fine. When i try and send a private message though, it gives me a 404 error of some sort. 1606248905087.png