Point Redeem by Siropu

Point Redeem by Siropu [Paid] 1.0.3

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Not in the current version but I've made a change in the next release where others can see the total number of trophy points earned but the one who redeemed them will see the actual unredeemed count. So if I have 100 points and redeemed 50, I will see 50 points in my profile but the others will see 100.
Thank you, that sounds like it would work for me.

One last thing is how would that affect badges/user promotions awarded based on points, if someone earned a badge for hitting 200 points, but then they redeemed 100, would they lose the 200 point badge or would that still remain.
Can the user send the Points manually?

I have 500 points and I want to submit 300 points or or other amount


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I'm having an issue with this plugin. It's not showing the widget in the sidebar to redeem.

Running XenForo v2.2.13 - standard installation.
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