Chat 2 by Siropu

Chat 2 by Siropu 2.3.4

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The chat really has a lot of features of the old IRC (for people who still remember it): options for multiple rooms, private chats, whispers, etc. It has more features than we're actually using on our forum. For me, this was a must have.
First off I can’t stress how helpful the seller is with support. Pretty quick response times and the add-on works great. Recommending this seller
Superb add-on by Siropu. I use 3 of his add-ons (Chat/Keyword linking/Donations) and it never disappoints, always great quality!

The chat add-on has more options that I'll ever use. Also has a built-in bot reply function that is super neet.
Next level chat room. My users are loving it! Easy to set up and has plenty of options. I'm so happy I migrated from VBulletin to XF recently. This chat shows how good an add-on can be. More that I could ever expect! Still discovering options.
Siropu is the man. His contribution to Xenforo is priceless and he really cares about the work he does. Do yourself a favor and buy this!
Best Chat Ever!
Works like a charm the handling is flawless and works as expected!
Good Value For Money!
Thank you very much for this excellent add-on. It is helping us to expand our community and bringing users more features which isn't implemented in core system.
Excellent add-on! Really a lot of functions, feels very good integrated and stable, like a official solution from Xenforo. I'm really happy with it and it works out of the box (after set the config and group rights). Minimum 5 stars or more! Thanks a lot for it!
Great add-on with many options to set up. Very friendly to my website. Definitely worth the money as it brings what Siropu promise!
Siropu is the best chat plugin. Perfect with its settings and customizations. It is a stable plugin.

An excellent plugin.
This is amazing. It is super easy to set up, and super useful functionality-wise. I would recommend this over pretty much any chat/shoutbox addon out there.
This chat room / shout-box add-on is absolutely amazing. It has all the functionality you would want, and more. Couldn't be happier with the results after setting this up.
I usually don’t leave review on addons . But I’m very satisfied with this addon, and especially with customer support and service with Siropu. Great communication, fast issue fixing, responds quick. Worth every penny. Siropu is one from few developers which I purchased addons ,which I’m happy with customer service and support, including fixing issues and going extra mile to keep you happy.
Excellent product, well worth the investment. Thank you for your quality work on a quality product!
There needs to be a 6 star rating, reserved for addons like this.

Every option under the sun, and if there's something it doesn't have, it generally gets added the next update.

Rock solid, and works an absolute treat.

So many various options to customise it, and then theres about 10 different areas you can have it display.

Our users absolutely love it, and the ability to link to threads means those who prefer to reply via thread can as well.

A premium addon, that's well priced, and from a VERY good developer with very clean code.

If you're starting out a forum and want chat, look no further, and grab his Easy User Ban and Username Change addons whilst you are at it. Both are excellent as well!
I highly suggest you purchase this chat and no other. It has so many features already, and if it's missing anything at all, the developer adds it for you. Instant friendly support when you need it with 24 hour turn around. Every purchase improves the chat through feedback!
Siropu as a developer is top notch and does his damndest to help me with any issues that may arise (usually user error on my part) and has introduced features that I requested in hardly any time at all. I highly recommend any addon from him.
Siropu is a no non sense kind of guy who tows the line with respect to support. We’ve tried every Chat client for XF and have settled on this one because it’s so feature-rich, is customizable, and is consistently improving over time. Thanks for everything my friend!
I love it. It's easy to use, has a decent amount of things you can configure, and it's actually this addon which caused me to buy my XenForo license. Highly recommended.
Siropu is legend
Thi is best chat addon ever
I definitely recommend to get all addons from this developer
Just perfect 5/5
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