Chat 2 by Siropu

Chat 2 by Siropu 2.3.5

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Fixed an issue with direct message link (displayed if view archive permission is set) where users can view messages by message ID when they shouldn't.
Fixed an error when trying to reset poll votes.

Also, added the quick poll delete link in the Polls tab for each poll.
Added admin option to disable the room user kick overlay message. It is disabled by default.
Fixed an issue with displaying a "You have been kicked from this room" overlay message when there are no rooms joined.
Added AI command "base prompt" option where you can add custom instructions on how the AI should respond.
Added new user permissions for poll deletion.
Added a message overlay when users get banned or kicked after they automatically leave the room.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an issue on mobile where you cannot leave the conversation or open the conversation in a new window.
Fixed an issue with flood check where users could not post directly after joining the room.
Room search not working when pagination is not present.
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Added the option to display the number of polls where the user has not voted, next to the "Polls" tab.
Added the option to embed polls in other posts using BB code.
Added a new widget to display certain polls.
Added a new tab called "Polls" where users can create and vote for polls inside the chat with AJAX pagination and search.

Has user group permissions where you can set view/vote/create/edit any poll permissions.
Has admin settings where you can set polls per page, display order, display poll creation date and poll author.
Polls where user has voted will have a green background and text.

Added ChatGPT model selection for AI command where you can choose from versions GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT 4 and GPT 4 Turbo.

Bugs Fixed
AI responses not displaying in Archive.
Styling issue with rooms widget.
Added the option to use a custom avatar for ChatGPT bot responses. This is added as an admin option where you can upload the file from there directly.

Added the option to use a predefined user account for ChatGPT bot responses. This is in the command settings in ACP.

Added the @ tagging for ChatGPT bot when the option to tag users using @ is enabled, to use the command without typing it. Also works when clicking on the bot name when the option to tag by clicking on the username is enabled.

Added admin option "Logout inactive users from rooms" to automatically logout out inactive users form rooms.

Added a new style property "Add blink effect to chat bar when there are unread conversations". This feature was enabled by default and now you can choose if you want to use it or not.
Added error log for open AI API to troubleshoot issues.

Fixed a problem on shoutbox mode with board logout and login where no room loads.
Fixed an issue where the Job for the /ai command doesn't complete after the response.
Also added the parameter "temperature" to control the randomness.
Added /ai command for ChatGPT prompts. (ACP > Chat > Commands > Ai, to set it up)
Fixed an issue with active user count in the right side navigation for mobile.
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