Chat 2 by Siropu

Chat 2 by Siropu 2.2.11

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Clicking on a joined room in "Browse rooms", switches to that room tab.
Added some JS code to make some CSS adjustments on UIX when Chat is in all pages mode and uix bar at the bottom at the same time.
"Load more messages" feature is now dependent on "View archive" permission.
"Find" command is now dependent on "Search archive" permission.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an issue where bot messages are posted at the wrong time.
Some FA icons not working with Chat style properties icon color.
Icons in "Browse rooms" display over search room input when scrolling.
Archive search options too crowded on mobile view.
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The user options menu in chatters list will now load its contents on click rather than on user display.

Fixed an issue in shoutbox mode where you can leave the room and cannot join it again.
Fixed an issue in mobile view where after you submit the message, the editor gets focused and makes the keyboard display.
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Added RSS feed for rooms.

Fixed an issue with All pages display mode and Change display mode permission where a wrong css class is used.
Added admin option to strip bb code from thread posts when using the room option to post thread replies in the room.
Added admin option to disable the right side navigation chat icon on mobile view.
Added admin option to choose which message types to display in the archive.
Added "Sanction user" option in chat options menu for easy access.
Order conversations based on new messages.
Added user group permission to allow room admin options.
Added icon next to the room title in room list for private rooms, viewable by users with "Join any room" permission.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an XSS security vulnerability. Thanks to @oza2012 for reporting it.
Fixed an issue with /roll command where you could roll 0d0 or 1d0.
Fixed an issue where sorting users on list update breaks the user dropdown menu.
Added option to edit post author. Requires Chat moderator user group permission "Can change author".
Added admin option to hide the Chat on certain pages when using "All pages mode".
Added right Chat navigation icon with active user count on mobile when Chat navigation is enabled.

Bugs Fixed
Ordering users by most active not working on list update.
Saving message color saves the settings twice.
Using rgba in message color resulting in the display of the raw BB Code.
Added admin option to automatically logout users from all joined rooms when they logout from the site.

Bugs Fixed
Having the permission to change display mode and then not, Chat still uses the same position set in the user setting until any of the settings are changed.
Tab room active user count not displaying when first joining the room.
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Added option to reset joined rooms for all Chat users. This can be useful if you want to set new default joined rooms or if you want to set up the Chat as a Shoutbox. The option is found in the Options user menu and requires permission "Reset user data" under "Chat admin permissions".
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Fixed an issue where invalid command arguments throws an error.
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Not deleting reactions when deleting messages.
Phrase issue with action logger and multiple languages.
Possible error in forum activity post notifications.
/prune forum command not deleting forum activity notifications.

P.S. I have added a templater function to display the number of unread private conversation messages: {{ siropu_chat_unread_conv_count() }} for those who want to use it in custom places.
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