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The JS code you are placing in the head of the site, try adding it with ad code. How are you adding that script in the head of the site at the moment?
Your addon does not include unminified .js files. I guess that causes them to be not loaded in Dev-Mode.
Hi @Siropu

Great add on. Thanks

I'm trying to change the JS filename to help with adblockers and am getting the following error.

"Do not use nested directories as banner directory name."

Wonder how to fix this?
Would it be an issue if I'm using amazon AWS for images and videos? The banners appear to get uploaded to s3 and load from there by the looks of it.

So could I just change the. . js file name or is there another way around this matey?
Shouldn't be an issue.
For banner directory name use something like dirname
And for js dirname/filename.js
When doing some Google PageSpeed testing I've noticed it complaining about CLS in mobile view and referencing multiple locations where inline styling is being applied to multiple main classes that represent the page structure like: p-pageWrapper, p-body, p-body-inner, p-body-main, etc. It appears it is this add-on doing the injection of inline css.

Actual code view (mobile):

Sample Google PageSpeed Report:

On all the pages I tested if I overrode or disabled the CSS in question (the inline css), the page appeared and acted the same. I know I couldn't test all scenarios of when this css may be necessary but my questions are:

Is the injection of the inline css necessary?
If so, are their possible alternatives?
If there aren't alternatives, is their someway we can make this play better with Google PageSpeed so that it's use doesn't get dinged for CLS issues for mobile devices?

To be upfront with this issue, it doesn't always appear, and at times if Google PageSpeed is run consecutively 10 times for the same page it may only see it as a CLS issue 8 times. It is never consistent, but happens often and often enough that it is affecting Google's page performance score and could be affecting rankings.
There is no such injection done by my add-on.

That is odd because I'm only running 12 add-ons and with them all disabled but Ads Manager 2 the inline injection is still there.

When I enable/disable Ads Manager 2, the inline CSS code consistently goes away when disabled and comes back when re-enabled ...I'll continue trying to track it down.

It appears to be Google Adsense javascript doing the inline injection. Specifically:
<script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous">

Nice to see that once again, the bad code that Google PageSpeed complains about is Google's own code.
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I know what my add-on does, believe me. There is no code that injects inline css.
I hope my comment didn't come across as me questioning your original answer. I wasn't.

I believed you and was just stating I was confused as to why disabling/enabling the add-on was directly impacting the code. That's why I said I was going to continue to track it down.

The linking to your add-on was just due to the site admin placement of the Google Adsense script code within the options of your add-on.
Hi @Siropu
Today I also have to ask.
I would like to show three different ADS in the "What's new" overview.
We have 15 items displayed per page.


I want the first ads to be displayed after the third item, the second ads after the sixth item and the third ads after the ninth item.
And only there.
Xnumber - Every x items doesn't help me much because the ads are always displayed after x items.
Which postition criteria do I have to choose? Or do I have to create a new postition?
If so, how do I link these to the desired postitions?

Regards kelle67
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