Ads Manager 2 by Siropu

Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.22

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Added 2x / retina banner image upload option. This is controlled by the new admin option "Maximum ad 2x image size". Can be disabled by setting it to 0.

Bugs Fixed
Error if the ad owner doesn't exist anymore when sending notifications.
Error if the ad owner doesn't exist anymore when trying to inherit package settings.
Added AMP positions for head/body/footer.
Added "No wrapper" support for banner ads.

Bugs Fixed
Geo criteria error with user logout.
Page "NOT node" criteria not working on post new thread or reply page when option "Display outside of selected nodes (non-node pages)" is enabled.
Page cache not working as expected with Device criteria.
Added new position criteria option: Post has at least X words

Improved forum selection for promo & sticky ads, using XF's node tree view.

Banner ads can now be used without target URL when created from ACP.

Removed the option to clone promo & sticky ad types since these are tied to specific threads.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where Device and Geo criteria set from the package would not affect the ads if they are purchased. Now this will be work unless the advertiser has the permission to set them from the front-end.

Fixed an issue with incorrect inline style field used by ads in emails.

Fixed an issue with the carousel when using a fixed unit size.
Made some changes to "Advertiser purchase limit" to be either globally or based on user group.
GA events have been changed to ad_impression and ad_click

Fixed an issue with reserved thread prefix and promo threads.
Added a workaround for boards who are using page caching. The admin option is called "Bypass page cache" in Ads Manager [General] and it works with the "lazy loading" feature only.

If a size is selected under "Allowed ad sizes" in package "Advertising" tab, it will be displayed in the package list for advertisers and also under the upload button in ad creation page.

Can now use html in text ad description.

Bugs Fixed
MaxMind Geo criteria admin log error for unknown IPs.
404 errors for links under "Rel attribute" options on Google docs.
Deleting the image when creating a clone of a banner ad, it will delete the image from the original ad as well.
Issue with disabling email and alert notifications for promo threads.
Added admin options for "about to expire" notifications where you can set when they get sent.
Added expiry notifications for every type individually: CPM/CPC/Date
Added copy to clipboard for position code when creating new positions.
Added package ordering by name/display order in ACP.

Bugs Fixed
Getting an error message when trying to extend the ad, having package option "Advertiser purchase limit" set to a value reached by the advertiser.
Package preview not working with the lightbox image viewer.
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Added two new Position criteria options for Showcase add-on:
  1. Showcase ID is
  2. Showcase ID is NOT
Bugs Fixed
Fixed a potential error with banner ads.
Fixed an issue with daily stats where bogus data could be sent as the position id.
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Added two new positions for Conversation list page:
  1. Above conversation list item x container
  2. Below conversation list item x container
Added two new Position criteria options for AMS add-on:
  1. Article ID is
  2. Article ID is NOT
Added support for mp4 banner files.
Improved performance for Geo criteria where the visitor country code is stored in the user session.

Bugs FIxed
JS error due to AdBlock detection option "AdBlock notice display after".
Added lazy loading with refresh option for banner ads as well. If you are using multiple banners for the same ad, this will show a random image on each refresh.
Added image lazy loading option in ad/package settings.
Added 10 new positions for Showcase add-on and support for keyword/affiliate ad links.
Added adblock detection option to display notice after x page views.
Ad clone function will now use an exact clone of the ad instead of resetting certain values.
Updated GeoLite API to latest version.
DB query improvement for keyword/affiliate ad type when there are many ads.
Added option to edit ads.txt file from Ads Manager [General] admin options.

Bugs Fixed
Inaccurate daily stats data displayed in some cases.
Loading the GeoLite database regardless if Geo criteria is used or not.
Adding advertisers to user groups set in individual packages will override each other.
Fixed an issue with Google Analytics statistics and affiliate link ads when using the "Hide affiliate URL" option.
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