Ads Manager 2 by Siropu

Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.17

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Added interval display option for AdBlock notice message.
Added admin option to change banner directory name to bypass AdBlockers.
Made some changes to the "Core js file path" admin option to handle it automatically when ad is upgraded.
Added a new setting to the Keyword ad type to display title as a tooltip. In the past versions, it is displayed as a tooltip by default.

Bugs Fixed
Deleting banners not working when editing ads.
Package allowed ad sizes not working correctly when uploading banners as advertiser.
Issue with spacing between links or other html elements and text inside code ads.
Issue with applying promo code when using min invoice amount value.
Added user account preference option to disable ads. This option requires the user group permission "Can hide ads".
Page criteria node options have been changed from multi-select menu to checkbox with search feature.

Bugs Fixed
Some position criteria options not working with keyword/affiliate link ads.
Keyword ads parsing inside code/icode bbcode.
Ad list filter search not working when there are many ads.
Backup ads loading when ads are not blocked.
Added a new position called "Node list above node x title" that when used with alignment set to "Right" it will display the ad to the right side of the node title and description.

Expanded the "backup ad" to work as a backup when adsense ads are unfilled.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an issue with user signature positions.
Fixed an issue with AdBlock detection.
Added two new position criteria: Last post is older than X days and Last post is not older than X days.
Added admin option to use custom path for core.min.js file to avoid some adblockers from blocking it.
Added the option to set custom rel attributes.
Specifying an ad size for banners, will apply the width and height to the image as well.
Made some changes to adblock detection.

Fixed some compatibility issues with AMP add-on.
Fixed an issue on mobile with affiliate link ads with the option to hide the affiliate URL where it will open the link twice.
Fixed some device criteria detection issues.
Other small bugs.
Added the option to match subdomains as well in affiliate link ads by adding a . (dot) before the domain name.

Added user group permission to allow deletion of own ads.

Frequency cap has been changed from "Display every x hours" to "Display every x minutes" so please adjust this value accordingly in your ads/packages.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed some issues when using AMP add-on.
Fixed a potential click stats database error.
Fixed an issue with forum view thread list position.
Fixed an issue with invoice ad linking to 404 page.
Affiliate link & keyword ads parsing not working upon posting when option is enabled.
Affiliate link & keyword ads not working on certain thread content types.
Added support for suggestion threads for affiliate and keyword ads, and for position criteria.
Fixed some issues with some TM positions.
Added option to choose on which thread type to display affiliate and keyword ads.

Bug Fixed
Missing js, data and styles directories from the zip archive.
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Added a new ad/package type called "Custom service" which allows you manage and keep track of custom service ads that you might want to sell on your board.

Added a new package carousel feature called "Responsive breakpoints" which allows you to set how many ads to show based on screen width.

Added 2 new position criteria options based on thread types: Discussion, Poll, Question, Article

Added admin options for setting custom CSS classes for ad and package units.

Added option to search invoices and added more information in invoice list such as ad name and if it is a subscription payment.

Made some changes in the click fraud monitor block method to use pure server side IP blocking instead of relying on cookies for block time.

Bugs Fixed
Click tracking on affiliate links not working due to a recent change for hiding the affiliate URL.
Potential error in mobile detect.
Potential error in position criteria if thread author is deleted.

NOTE: This version is for XF 2.2.x only. Do not try to upgrade to this version if you are still on XF 2.1.x
Added ability to search entries by IP in Click fraud monitor log.

Fixed an issue where you get an error when you try to delete a payment profile used in Ads Manager.
Missing close button for ads over embedded media in Media Gallery.
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Added a new position criteria called "Page number is". This option allow you to display the ad only if the page number matches.

Made some changes to the lazy load method to load the ad before getting into the view when you scroll up/down.
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