Ads Manager 2 by Siropu

Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.19

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Added 2 new position criteria options:
Thread is older than X days​
Thread is NOT older than X days​
Added 2 new admin options:
Enable click fraud monitor global blocking - If one ad triggers an IP block, all ads with click fraud protection will be hidden from that IP.​
Delete click fraud monitor entries older than x days​
Added page URL in click fraud monitor list.

Bugs Fixed
Error with activating ads after payment.
Changing ad owner with option "Add new owner to advertiser user groups" not working for groups set in the package.
Editing an ad in a package with "Ads do not require approval" setting enabled, still putting ad in pending approval.
Error in export/import ad without packages.
Error when some ads inherit the package settings and some don't and have different criteria and display priority.
Issue with mass pay invoices.
Promo thread error when the thread requires a custom thread field that has not been set.
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Added 1 new position: Account alerts below item x container

Bugs Fixed
Template error when $xf.visitor variable is not present.
Incorrect time display in package "time to wait" feature.
Keyword and affiliate link ads not working on paginated articles in AMS add-on.
AJAX requests not working for guests.
Header ads displaying below logo.
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Added the ability to upload attachments for promo threads (requires permission).
Added the ability to mass extend ad end date.
Added user criteria option "User is a guest and accepted cookies".
Added 3 new positions: Above BB Code attachment, Below BB Code attachment, Over BB Code video attachment.
Added "UGC" rel attribute option.
Added pagination in ACP ad list with the admin option to set how many ads to display per page.
Added two new admin options for ACP ad list: Display ad owner, Display ad expiration date
Added two new package options for advertisers: Ads do not require approval, Add advertiser to user groups

Bugs Fixed
Incorrect total price display on ad creation page for CPM packages when advertiser cannot change purchase value.
Error when creating popup ad type from front-end.
Error when using link ad type with sidebar positions.
Carousel script has been replaced with a different one that has more options such as: transition speed, transition effect, direction (horizontal or vertical).
Added the option to enable carousel on certain devices.
Positions have been re-categorized and I have added quick position category selection above position list when creating ads/packages. If you have created custom positions, they will not reset and may look out of place. There is an option in the position section where you can reset positions but it will delete custom ones so please keep that in mind.
Added the option to use rel="sponsor" for links.
Added keyword ad replacement option.
Added position criteria options "Resource ID is" and "Resource ID is NOT".
Added global admin option to exclude ads for threads that have certain prefixes.

Bugs Fixed
Creating invoice manually with a certain username, ends up with the admin username.
Using the option "Delete invoices" when deleting ads, not working.
Wrong phrase in email when ad is rejected.
Fixed missing icon on guest stats access page.
Promo threads not included in the featured thread widget.
Added support for Article Management System add-on.
Added keyword option to use multiple keywords with different URLs and titles.
Added option for affiliate link ad type to exclude certain URLs.
Added package option to set how to display ads: block, inline block, inline, flexbox.
Code improvements for better performance.

Bugs Fixed

Added some missing phrases.
Issue with lazy loading ads and backup ads for adblock detection.
Not deleting old click fraud monitor entries.
Other code issues.
Added the option to refresh lazy loaded ads every x seconds.
Added new admin option to set for which devices you want to enable AdBlock detection.
Added 3 new positions: Above thread post x container, Above conversation message x container, Above profile post x container
Ad options "Enable lazy loading" and "Display without wrapper" have been added to the package as well.

Bugs Fixed
"Enable lazy loading" ad option only working for admins.
Position criteria "Item ID" flag case sensitivity issue.
"Inherit package settings" ad option JS check issue.
Keyword ad price not updating correctly on the creation page when premium keywords with different case are used.
Added admin option "Enable page info" that allows you to view the controller class, controller action, view class and the content template name of any page (to use in page criteria).

Added code ad option "Enable lazy loading" to load the ad after the page loads, when the ad container is in the view.
Added code ad option "Display without wrapper" to display code ads without any div tags around the ad.

XF Page criteria option "Content template is" now allows you to use multiple values separated by commas.

Bugs Fixed
Advertiser user groups admin option not working.
Added keyword page replace limit for keyword ads.
Added new Position criteria options:
  • Thread author is/NOT a member of any of the selected user groups
  • Post author is/NOT
  • Post author is/NOT a member of any of the selected user groups
AdBlock detection code has been removed from the core JS file and added in the template to prevent breaking the detection if the main script is blocked.
Added support for SVG images.

Bugs Fixed
Missing phrase.
Affiliate link ads anchor text URL escape issue.
Preventing validation errors for promo threads.
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