Ads Manager 2 by Siropu

Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.17

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  1. Stats access - Allows you to give ad statistics access to advertisers that are not registered.
  2. Added impressions distribution for CPM ads. This will basically set a daily ad impression limit and will hide the ad when the limit is reached. The ad will be visible to ad creator but not to others.
  3. Added "time to wait" in package list for advertisers for non CPM/CPC ads when there are no empty slots available.
  4. When added to the queue, ads are now generating invoices to make sure that they are not taking queue spots for nothing.
  5. Added two new positions: Above/below thread post x signature
  6. Added option to disable ad email notifications via email.
  7. Added a new page criteria option "User is NOT browsing with the following style".
  8. CPM ads will not count impressions generated by the ad creator.
  9. Added admin option to globally hide ads from certain threads.
  10. When "View count method" is set to "When ad is viewed", the word "Views" will be displayed in statistics and other places and "Impressions" when option is set to "When ad is loaded".
Bugs Fixed
  1. Google analytics stats not working due to changes on their part.
  2. Extending inactive ads fail to queue if there are no empty slots available.
  3. Affiliate link ads messing up post content when multiple affiliate links are on the same post on the same line.
  4. Invoice error with CPM/CPC ads for values higher than 255.
  5. CPM/CPC limit will prematurely disable the ad.
  6. AdBlock backup ads not working as expected with images.
  7. Multiple admin email notification on ad edit with pending status.
  8. Incorrect slot count when ad is paused or approved upon creation.
  9. Other code issues.
Added admin option for custom payment instructions on the invoice pay page.
Added admin option to toggle on/off lazy loading for ad images.

Bugs Fixed
Custom invoice uploads not downloading correctly.
Advertisers not be able to edit own featured resources.
Display priority generating error in certain circumstances.
  • Added ad option to include ads created from ACP in the advertiser list.
  • Added package option to set a limit on how many ads an advertiser can create.
  • Added admin option to display the advertiser section in the user account.
  • Added bank transfer option as a payment profile.
  • Added {match} placeholder support for affiliate link ad option "Replace affiliate website with URL".
  • Free packages will now display "Free (x length)" in package list and ad creation page.
  • Carousel JS and CSS files will only load when there are active carousels.
  • Added ACP option to delete all ads and their invoices.
Bugs fixed
  • Free packages generating 0 cost invoices.
  • Prefix not working with sticky and featured resources ads created from ACP.
  • Core JS script not loading for affiliate and keyword ads.
  • Banner ads not loading with lazy load in the advertiser list.
  • Custom ad order in advertiser list throwing error.
Added support for a new browser in device criteria: Vivaldi
Added admin ad actions for keyword and affiliate link ads as well.

Bugs Fixed
Keyword ads issue when using multiple keywords where they match in other words that contains them.
Ads Manager admin options tabs show in other options as well.
Affiliate ads conflict with keyword ads.
  • Added option to exclude posts of certain user groups from applying keyword and affiliate link ads.
  • Added three widgets:
1. Advertisers - Display the current advertiser list.​
2. Featured threads - Display the current sticky threads​
3. Featured resources - Display the current featured resources​

Each widget has options for limit and order.​
You can change the title of the widget from the widget options.​
  • Added option to redirect AdBlock users to a custom URL.
  • Added options to set custom selectors for background ads when using custom styles that don't use the same classes as the default style.
Bugs Fixed
  • Advertiser page showing error due to a recent change.
  • Xnumber flag in position criteria not recognizing number 0.
Two new ad types:

1. Popup
This ad type allows you to display popup ads in 3 ways: XenForo overlay with title and content (supports HTML and template syntax), custom popup code and popup window with custom window features.

2. Background
This ad type allows you to display a background image as an ad with clickable left and right parts of the image. If you provide multiple background images, they will rotate randomly on each page load.

Both Popup and Background ads can be controlled how often they show up and after how many seconds to display. You can even hide them after x seconds of display.

  • Added ad option to set display frequency which allows you to display ads every x hours.
  • Added package option to display custom content below the ad unit.
  • Added a global template (siropu_ads_manager_content_below_unit) that allows you to display custom content below any ad unit.
  • Packages now also have the following ad settings: Display after x seconds, Hide after x seconds, Display every x hours (new)
  • Other code improvements.
Bug fixes
  • Using a package with multiple ads on dynamic positions with R flag, display each ad randomly instead of grouping them.
  • Trying to pay with stripe, not working.
  • Other code issues.
If you see error log messages like this: "[E_NOTICE] Undefined index: ...", edit each package (code, banner, text, link) and hit save without changing anything to update the new setting options that have been added. If you do not have a package and still see such error logs, edit each ad (code, banner, text, link) instead.


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Import/Export causign an error due to a new table field that hasn't been updated.

Incorrect getter name in new ad email notification, causing an error.

Other code issues.
  1. Code, banner (custom HTML) and text ads are now supporting XF template syntax allowing you to include XF templates, widgets and display personalized ads for members by including their username.
  2. Added ad setting to use custom CSS classes.
  3. Added ad option to reset statistics.
  4. Added option to set a prefix for featured resources.
  5. Ad option "Display after x seconds" and "Hide after x seconds" will now work when the ad is in view.
  6. Added option to view discounts in package list for advertisers.
  7. Now you can use global prefixes for both sticky threads and featured resources because they will get reserved by Ads Manager and non-advertisers will see a message when trying to use them.
Bug Fixes
  1. If a thread has a prefix before sticky, the prefix will be lost. Now, if a thread has a prefix before sticky, the prefix will remain as is and if if you set a custom prefix for sticky threads, when unstick, the original prefix will be set back.
  2. Cron alerts for expiring ads throwing error for invalid username.
  3. Editing a keyword ad can trigger an error.
  4. Other code issues.
  • "View count condition" and "Click count condition" time doesn't last as expected.
  • "View count condition" option not working when "View count method" option is set to "When ad is loaded".
  • Click fraud protection not logging clicks inside iframes.
  • Some other code issues.
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Added ad option to enable click fraud protection for third-party ads such as AdSense. This option allows you to hide the ad after it has been clicked x times by the same visitor. Blocked IPs are displayed in the "Details" section of the ad.

Bugs Fixed
Users with inactive ads cannot extend their ads if there are no empty slots.
Placeholder images not working due to changes in the placeholder service URL structure.
Other code issues.


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