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Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.19

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  • "View count condition" and "Click count condition" time doesn't last as expected.
  • "View count condition" option not working when "View count method" option is set to "When ad is loaded".
  • Click fraud protection not logging clicks inside iframes.
  • Some other code issues.
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Added ad option to enable click fraud protection for third-party ads such as AdSense. This option allows you to hide the ad after it has been clicked x times by the same visitor. Blocked IPs are displayed in the "Details" section of the ad.

Bugs Fixed
Users with inactive ads cannot extend their ads if there are no empty slots.
Placeholder images not working due to changes in the placeholder service URL structure.
Other code issues.


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  • Added package option to use placeholders as backup ads. Once you enable the placeholder, you can edit it from the ad list.
  • Added options to quick enable/diable all ads for packages in ad list.
  • Click statistics will now display the banner that has been clicked when usign multiple banner images for the same ad in both banner and text ad type.
  • Ads/packages can now be embedded on any domain outside your XF installation.
Bugs fixed:
  • "Click limit" and "View limit" ad options are not saving.
  • Positions "Above thread post x content" and "Below thread post x content" not working from page 2.
  • Other code issues.


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Added option to display ad actions under the ad in front-end for admins.
Added support for callbacks in code ads. This option allows you to generate your ad code via a PHP callback.
Added image lazy load for individual ads in both banner ad type and text ad type.

Fixed pagination issue and dynamic position display name in statistics.
Fixed some other code issues.

Note: This version adds a new admin option so you might see an error in the admin error log if you do not disable the add-on before the upgrade.


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This version fixes all known bugs and it is now released as stable.
Carousel images are now loaded using the lazy load method.
Added option (from ad view details) to send advertiser a message via email or alert system.

Various bugs have been fixed as well.

This will hopefully be the last Release Candidate before the final release.
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This release fixes various bugs found since RC 1.
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This is the first Release Candidate for Ads Manager 2 and it contains some bug fixes as well as some improvements:

Added option to enable keyword and affiliate link parsing when posting. This can be enabled individually for threads, conversations and profile posts.

Added some moderator permissions that allows moderating sticky threads and featured resources.
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Added option to preview most ad positions available
Added option to archive ads inactive for more than x days
Added option to set the maximum ad image size
Added option to enable advertisers page where you can view all active ads from advertisers

Various bugs and issues have been fixed.
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This release fixes various bugs found since Beta 5.
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