1. Jonathan Long

    [Affiliate] User Upgrades - What are you using?

    Anyone running an affiliate program for user upgrades? If so, what are you using? Not finding any out of the box options really. Wanted to see what others are using before having something custom built. Thanks.
  2. Brian Lovett

    Unmaintained VigLink 1.1.3

    VigLink identifies commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, and automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions. Easily enable VigLink Convert and Insert on...
  3. Siropu

    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.20

    If you don't want to sell ads, there is a cheaper lite version called Ads Manager 2 Lite. Ads Manager 2 is the new and improved version of Ads Manager 1, designed for XenForo 2. Ads Manager 2 allows you to make money by displaying your own ads or by selling ad spaces on your forum (or both)...
  4. A

    Unmaintained adgoal SmartLink 1.0.0

    The generation of affiliate links can be a time-killing pain. Safe that time. Adgoal offers a completely automated way to do this – you only have to use "natural" links, we take care of the rest. SmartLink automatically converts all existing links into affiliate links in real-time. They stay...
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