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[8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid] 1.2.2b

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Quick Question,

When updating from Porta 1.1.8 to 2.2.0b (Yeah I've missed a few updates I Know) Is it possible to simply go straight from 1.1.8 to 2.2.0b or do I need to install some of the other versions in order?


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Not sure this been asked but thought it would be amazing to kind of follow a facebook vibe with the articles allowing likes and dislikes as well as other quick image responses??


Hi, I just purchased this add-on a few months ago. I noticed that the updates are lifetime but, I don't see how I could get the latest version without clicking the "Buy Now" button.
Could someone help clarify where I can get the latest version?


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please look first at all the videos the author uploaded. Everything for a proper setup is explained there in detail. It is also recommended to inform yourself before buying a plugin instead of buying it and complain afterwards that this is not what you wanted to have, because you did not inform yourself enough what this plugin is able to do ;)

@snoopy5 you sound like a tired public relations person. Your reply does nothing to support or enhance @Jaxel's add-on support or the product itself - regardless it's rather low price point.

If you had taken the time to fully read all the messages you would have realized that I realized, on my own - as did several others in this thread - that the videos available were a bit outdated as posed here on Xenforo. However, with a little trial and error, they were able to be navigated and the add-on brought into production and functional.

Then again, had you bothered to read the entire threads I do not 'complain.' I have actually been nothing less than supportive of not only Jaxel's add-on, but also helpful to others who have purchased the add-on and had unanswered questions.

The difference between you and I is that I offer that help or assistance to others without the need to try and make myself feel more valuable, worthy, or be a public relations dream to the creator. I help to help, I appreciate what is worthy of appreciation and I express my thoughts and experiences where >I< find it appropriate and helpful to all involved.

So you can take your ;) and put it wherever you like, but in the future, rather than trying to pull out a ruler and attempt to make yourself feel better than those around you - educate yourself "fully" on the conversations and what is happening and use your energy to help people without the need to s--- your own d---.

;) as you say.


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Hi, I just purchased this add-on a few months ago. I noticed that the updates are lifetime but, I don't see how I could get the latest version without clicking the "Buy Now" button.
Could someone help clarify where I can get the latest version?
Same way you received you’re first version! They all get sent from author through emailed link...


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Hey @Jaxel. How would I go about changing the breadcrumbs of article pages?

<xen:breadcrumb href="#">text</xen:breadcrumb>

don't seem to work. (Unless I'm putting them in the wrong templates?


Hi @Jaxel,

I do appreciate XP2. A question I couldn't resolve so far is the disrespect of overflow:hidden by iPad/iPhone's Safari.
Articles in masonry grid look like this IMG_6530.png


Could you give me advice how to get rid of this?

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: What I did as pure workaround is deleting the white-space: nowrap for article_metadata. That breaks the line for the links but looks better than that.
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I'm having some issues with the pause/stop button not showing on my feature slider at FreeCannabis.com although option is checked.
Bit weird as image is present but it just wont show. Cant see why.
Any help with this would be awesome. tried uninstalling the whole portal, reinstalling etc disabling other addons etc but cant get it to behave as it used to.

Also the next button is acting weird, first it showed half the button then when i adjusted css, it now shows half when hovered?

***Update - found the template and adjusted the css for hover to -43px too (not sure why this changed from -32px?
I've bolded the changes I had to make to make it look normal in EWRporta2_Features.css:
.featuresGrid .bx-controls-direction .bx-prev { background-position: 0 -32px; }
.featuresGrid .bx-controls-direction .bx-prev:hover { background-position: 0 0; }
.featuresGrid .bx-controls-direction .bx-next { background-position: -43px -32px; }
.featuresGrid .bx-controls-direction .bx-next:hover { background-position: -43px 0; }
.featuresGrid .bx-controls-direction .disabled { display: none; }
Any ideas why this would change from default?

Please help someone. Thanks
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I could be wrong but looking at the attachment I think I need something in the position box to tell it which sprite location to use?

Or am i way off? The image is there and it exists, but i dont think it can find the one in question.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


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I went to appearance and reverted the style properties is that what you mean ?

im not sure how to revert templates, please let me know, thanks man


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Okay i went to template list found the css i had fixed to make the arrow right be in correct position features.css and reverted, it undid my change so now the right arrow is only showing half and the start stop button still not showing ? :(

Happy to give admin access really want to fix this.