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  1. CinVin

    [CinVin] Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets) [Deleted]

    CinVin submitted a new resource: CinVin: Home - Instant "Home" page for XenForo widgets Read more about this resource...
  2. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to set Page Title?

    How to set page title in XF? The page title here i mean is home page which also results in Google Search. For e.g. XenForo has implemented thisXenForo - Compelling Community Forum Software How to achieve this? I'm using XF 2.0.x
  3. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to Create a Home page?

    I would like to have a home page featuring the selected threads, news, announcements and sliding posts. The forums will be completely different. Any idea to do that? By default, even when clicking on Home, it goes to forum. I'm using XF 2.0.x
  4. tmoflash

    XF 2.0 Home page Oops! We ran into some problems.

    https://forum.corinthmc.com when I go to root gives error "OOPS! We ran into some problems." I just upgraded to 2.1 and I removed all addon's. I originally had it set up as a "home" announcement page, I removed the "home" nav, but still giving error. I also tried to reset master template...
  5. Jaxel

    XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO

    BRANDING REMOVAL can be purchased HERE ($50) This is a complete rewrite of my popular portal system for XenForo. XenPorta is an article system and front-end that allows you to give a more professional look to the front-facing sections of your forum. It's built completely within XenForo's...
  6. K

    XenForo 1.5 custom homepage on Laravel and on other server

    Hi all, I'n new in XenForo, and I'm web developer, work on php I have a question. I have a forum on xenforo 1.5 and I need to make a small CMS on Laravel, which will be the main page of the site. The CMS will pull up widgets and media from the forum to display. And the CMS will be on another...
  7. A

    Add-on Announcements/News addon?

    Hey does any one know what addon / how to do this. All these site have a "New/announcements" on their homepage https://beanblockz.com/ https://snapcraft.net/
  8. VanillaNeko

    XF 1.5 Creating a Overlay

    Hello, I make a rather special request because not having the necessary skills. I would like to create an overlay that opens automatically when arriving on my site with the automatic reading of a video or a webm file. The video or webm file center and the rest of the overlay in black with an...
  9. N

    Home Page

    Hi I am trying to work out the best way to setup my home page. I would like to add news/articles/ competitions to the home page and also show featured videos/images from media gallery selected by me or random Members Featured Photos. So question is would i use a "portal" add on? and which one...
  10. rajraj

    home page

    Can I set different site on home page?
  11. Paul B

    CTA Home Page 1.0.0

    This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd. Introduction This simple add-on allows you to select a Page node to use as a home page. Setting the index page route to the page URL enables it to be a landing page at the root URL with a focused home tab. In addition, a simple template...
  12. D

    Proximity - With Custom Homepage!

    Mike Creuzer submitted a new resource: Proximity - Comfort and tranquility Read more about this resource...
  13. Jaxel

    Unmaintained [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO 1.2.2b

    A branding removal license and instructions on how to remove the brands quick and easily can be purchased HERE for $50. Each branding removal license is good for ONE forum only! If you appreciate the work here, please DONATE. XenPorta is an article system with a widget framework; one that most...
  14. Jaxel

    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Jaxel submitted a new resource: [8wayRun.Com] XenPorta 2 PRO (Portal) - Article System and Widget Framework all-in-one! Read more about this resource...
  15. Paul B

    The evolution of CTA Featured Threads & Portal. What's next?

    It is almost one year since what is now known as CTA Featured Threads & Portal was released. For those of you who don't know what it is or does, see the resource here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/cta-featured-threads-portal.2599/ It has come a long way from a simple block on the...
  16. Paul B

    CTA Featured Threads & Portal 2.17.0

    This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd. The XF2 version of this add-on can be found here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/th-featured-threads-and-content.7233/ Feature Summary Feature, update, and unfeature threads The title and content can be edited independently of the...
  17. Paul B

    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    Feature Summary Feature, update, and unfeature threads The title and content can be edited independently of the original thread Polls can be displayed with their accompanying thread or independently The featured thread expiry date can be set to the poll close date Automatic featuring based...
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