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I thought this was a "portal" addon, what gives?

"Portal" is actually a misnomer. Any page can be your portal; you can make your media section your portal if you wanted to. This addon is actually an article system and a widget framework in one. However, included with the addon is an article index page that most people would probably use as their portal home page.​

How do I make the articles index page my portal home page?

In your XenForo Admin Control Panel, under the options menu for "Basic Board Information", there is an option for "Index Page Route". By default, this setting is set to "forums/". If you wanted to make the articles index your portal home page, just change this setting to "articles/".​

I have two home tabs! How do I get rid of one?

Directly below the "Index Page Route" option is a "Home Page URL" option. Clear it out.​
I dont want a tab item for the article pages AT ALL! How do I remove it?

Add this to your EXTRA.css:​
.navTabs .articles .navLink { display: none; }

How do I promote threads to the articles list or the featured slider?

What if I wanted to make my article list a double-column layout?

How do I extend the widget framework to pages beyond the nine default included View Publics?

Is this a content management system?

I don't like the articles index page and how the articles/features are in the main content area, can I make my own article home page?

Make a blank page node in XenForo and simply hook your widgets around that. However, this won't have all the nice conveniences built into the included articles index, such as pagination.​

Can I edit the word "Home" on the articles tab?

Yes, the word "Home" is tied to the phrase "porta2_home". Just edit the phrase.​

My articles index doesn't have any widgets on it. How do I fix this?

This addon automatically sets up a default layout for your articles index; however, by default the widget framework is disabled. You will need to go into the XenPorta 2 options screen in your XenForo Admin Control Panel and enable the framework for places you wish to use it.​

How do I create layouts for other sections on my forum?

Assuming you've already enabled the widget framework in the appropriate areas of your forums, you simply need to create layouts for each of the section. The create new layout screen asks for several pieces of information:​
Layout ID: unique identifier of your layout.​
Title: a friendly readable name of your layout.​
Template: the template you are attaching the widgets to.​
Evaluation: lets ignore this for now.​
Priority: the importance of this layout.​

Each section uses a different template:​
Articles: EWRporta2_ArticleView​
Authors: EWRporta2_AuthorList​
Forum Index: forum_list​
Forums: forum_view​
Threads: thread_view​
Pages: pagenode_container​

If you enable the widget framework for Articles, Authors or the Forum Index, but do not have layouts defined for them, the layouts for these pages will fall back to using the highest priority layout defined for your article index list.​

Okay, I have a layout for "Forum View"; how do I make a layout that only affects a single forum, instead of every forum?

Remember that "Evaluation"field in the previous question? This is what that is for. The evaluation field is a simple "eval()" conditional that checks for matching. It uses raw PHP code; so this function is very powerful (and thus, dangerous if you don't know what you are doing).​
Lets say I wanted to create a layout just for forum node #15 on my forums. I would set up the layout as follows:​
Layout ID: forum_view_15​
Title: forum 15 (the title of this forum)​
Template: forum_view​

$params['forum']['node_id'] == 15
You can see the special code that I set up in the evaluation section. This simple php conditional checks to see if the forum node_id parameters of the page match 15. If they do match; then it assumes this is the correct layout and loads it into the page.​
Can you give me some examples of other evaluation checks?

Template: thread_view (when viewing a specific thread)​
$params['thread']['thread_id'] == #####
Template: thread_view (when viewing threads in a specific forum)​
$params['forum']['node_id'] == #####
Template: pagenode_container (when viewing a specific page node)​
$params['page']['node_id'] == #####
Template: EWRporta2_ArticleView (when viewing articles in a specific category)​
Template: EWRporta2_ArticleView (when viewing articles from a specific author)​
!empty($params['author']) && $params['author']['user_id'] == #####
Template: EWRporta2_ArticleList (when viewing articles list of a specific category)​
!empty($params['category']) && $params['category']['category_id'] == #####
Template: EWRporta2_ArticleList (when viewing articles list of a specific author)​
!empty($params['author']) && $params['author']['user_id'] == #####

How can I add more RawHTML widgets?

Every widget has their own set of global options. These options are used wherever you place that widget (if it doesn't have a custom option set defined). However, with custom option sets, you can create a different set of options for a widget. Then when you create a widget link on a layout, you can choose to have the widget load up the global options, or one of your defined option sets.​
Option sets allow you to have multiple different versions of the same exact widget around your forums.​

I already purchased the branding removal for XenPorta 1. Do I have to purchase it again for XenPorta 2?

Nope! The branding removal is fully transferable!​
I don't like the default location of the branding, can I move it?
Sure, as long as the branding is clearly visible somewhere on your page, feel free to move it wherever you want. Lots of admins like to move it to right next to the XenForo branding.​