Resources by DrYontem

[tLk] Thread Count DrYontem
Unmaintained [tLk] Thread Count 1.1.0
Show users' thread counts and promote users based their thread counts
[tLk] Limit Tags Quote DrYontem
Unmaintained [tLk] Limit Tags Quote 0.0.1 beta
Limits tag using in quote tags
Unmaintained [tLk] Change Admin File 0.0.1
Do you want to change admin.php file name?
[tLk] Gender Percent DrYontem
Unmaintained [tLk] Gender Percent 1.2.0
Adds gender percents to sidebar statistics
[Xen-TR] Resource Owner and Downloaders DrYontem
Add "Resource Owner" and "Downloaded" signature and ribbon RM's threads
[tLk] Usergroup Legend DrYontem
Unmaintained [tLk] Usergroup Legend 1.2.1
Usergroup Legend Area for Sidebar
Xen-TR Who Has Visited DrYontem
Unmaintained Xen-TR Who Has Visited 2.6.0
See "Who Has Visited" your forum today or in last X hours
Xen-TR Latest Users DrYontem
Unmaintained Xen-TR Latest Users 1.0.0
Shows latest registered users
Xen-TR Show Today's Birthday DrYontem
Unmaintained Xen-TR Show Today's Birthday 2.1.0
Shows Today's Birthdays
Xen-TR Most Liked Users DrYontem
Unmaintained Xen-TR Most Liked Users 1.0.0
List users order by their like counts
Xen-TR Most Trophy Users DrYontem
Unmaintained Xen-TR Most Trophy Users 1.1.0
Listing users order by their trophies
Xen-TR Banlist DrYontem
Unmaintained Xen-TR Banlist 1.1.0
As its name, this add-on is listing banned users on a specific page
[tLk] ReadPC DrYontem
Unmaintained [tLk] ReadPC 1.1.0
You can see ALL conversations, you can see messages, you can not edit-add message etc
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