Xen-TR Who Has Visited

Unmaintained Xen-TR Who Has Visited 2.6.0

No permission to download
pretty nice :) .
Thank you - works great.
Excellent Add-on
Works perfectly
I have been found this addon for a long time @_@
Works perfecto on 1.2.3 thanks!
works great, would like to see it in the footer though
Works perfect!

Thank you!
Works as advertised, looks great on my board. Very glad to see this for XF 1.2, thanks a lot!
Great addon :D
Works great.
Excellent little add-on that let's you know how active your forum has been today. Thanks for the XF 1.2.x compatability update. :)
Great addon, thank you very much.
had to edit the code but got it to work, thanks
After an hour and a half of trying to get this add-on to work - no dice. It was a waste of time and there seems to be no support in the forums. Oh well... Thanks for the share just the same. I'm sure those who have had no issues with it appreciate the share.
v.2.6.0 is compatible for xF 1.2.x versions, please try that one
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