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Xen-TR Who Has Visited

Unmaintained Xen-TR Who Has Visited 2.6.0

No permission to download
Upgrade Instructions
Uninstall previous version
2-) Upload the necessary files/folders in _upload folder
3-) Install addon_xentr_com_who_has_visited_v2.6.0.xml via add-on installer
4-) Choose your setting from ACP option area

Install Instructions
Upload the necessary files/folders in _upload folder
2-) Install addon_xentr_com_who_has_visited_v2.6.0.xml via add-on installer
3-) Choose your setting from ACP option area

Template Hook Option
Auto templatehook option is added at v2.2.0 for users' requests
You can enable or disable it from acp option area
If this option will be disabled, you have to add this code to forum_list template where u want to show

<xen:include template="xen_tr_com_who_has_visited" />
Version History
  • v.1.0.0 --> 16 Jan 2011 --> First Release
  • v.1.1.0 --> 16 Jan 2011 --> Today's List bug ~which is reported via msn~ is fixed
  • v.1.2.0 --> 16 Jan 2011 --> username list-avatar list option added, fixed 1 bug
  • v.1.3.0 --> 17 Jan 2011 --> added total count (example: Who Has Visited Today: 2)
  • v.2.0.0 --> 6 Feb 2011 --> added extra page, added css support, added limit
  • v.2.1.0 --> 10 Feb 2011 --> changed fetching ( now fethcing users which their last activity in last 24 hours), removed some defines for page speed
  • v.2.1.1 --> 12 Feb 2011 --> changed some codes for page speed and about queries
  • v.2.2.0 --> 16 Mar 2011 --> added last X hours option (set from acp), added templateHook (with on-off option)
  • v.2.2.1 --> 17 Mar 2011 --> fixed bugs (sorry for version 2.2.0, i just uploaded the debugging version =( )
  • v.2.3.0 --> 21 Mar 2011 --> avatar-username list choosing option added again (seperate for mainpage and extrapage)
  • v.2.4.0 --> 3 May 2011 --> fixed comma problem, changed avatarlist codes due to come crashing
  • v.2.5.0 --> 4 May 2011 --> added userprivacy check (only has permission to canBypassUserPrivacy user can see invisible users)
  • v.2.5.1 --> 5 May 2011 --> fixed 2.5.0 code mistake. fixed today's option count problem. this time really solved comma problem
First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. xF 1.2.x Compatibility

    Code changes for xF 1.2.x versions

Latest reviews

pretty nice :) .
Thank you - works great.
Excellent Add-on
Works perfectly
I have been found this addon for a long time @_@
Works perfecto on 1.2.3 thanks!
works great, would like to see it in the footer though
Works perfect!

Thank you!
Works as advertised, looks great on my board. Very glad to see this for XF 1.2, thanks a lot!
Great addon :D