[tLk] Gender Percent

Unmaintained [tLk] Gender Percent 1.2.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.0
  2. 1.1
  3. 1.2
  4. 1.3
  5. 1.4

Add-on Explaning
This add-on had been coded as requested
It is showing genders' percents on sidebar statistic area (forum_list page)

Add-on Demo
Xen-TR ~ XenForo Turkish Support

Add-on Details
5 php files
4 folders
1 xml file (import)
1 DB table (3 columns)

Add-on Installing
  1. Extract zipped file to your desktop
  2. Upload the folder (which is in _upload folder) to your XenForo's root directory
  3. Import *.xml file via add-on installer
  4. That's all
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Multiple Rows

    Fixed beeing multiple datas while updating add-on If you have multiple GenderPercent info on...
  2. [bd] Widget Framework Compatibility

    Now working with [bd] Widget Framework's 'Forum Statistics' widget too
  3. Sorry, missing file

    Sorry, missing file on 1.1.0 version

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Works perfectly, thanks to the great support tLk give me to solve a strange problem that i did have when installing it.
So good!
Awesome! Very good and useful addon
Works great
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