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As you know, XenForo doesn't track user's thread count. (Reference @Mike 's this post)

So, I just created this add-on.

  • Real Time thread counter
  • User Group Promotion support
  • User Ladder Title support
  • Trophy criteria support
  • Admin panel User Edit page support
  • Notable Members Page "Most Threads" tab
  • Showing thread counts in following areas
  • For disabling thread_count logging, just uncheck "Admin Home->Options->Logging Options->Thread Count Logging is Active" checkbox.

  1. Sidebar visitor panel
  2. Profile page
  3. Member card
  4. Message user info (can be enable/disable from style properties)
While installing (or upgrading to 1.0.0), your users' thread counts will be re-count for fixing possible errors.

Every sunday 00:10 will be auto-recount (with cronjob) for fixing possible errors. You can disable this cronjob if you don't want to, but, my advice is leaving it enabled. Because it is working one per week only
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Latest updates

  1. Logging Enable/Disable Option

    As @DDF 's request, added enable/disable thread_count change log option (which is shown on user...
  2. Fixing 1.0.2 files

    Sorry guys, 1.0.2 was contains wrong files for fixing last post info update ( idiot me :( )...
  3. Last Post Info Hotfix

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Latest reviews

Nice add-on, working perfectly on 1.5.11. Thank you for taking the time to make it, also nice how it integrates with Trophies and User Titles.
Finally! I've been running weekly drawings and stuff partly based on thread-count dependent user-groups, which required me to keep going back to my old SMF install to check what groups required how many threads, and what members were already members of those existing groups, etc.. Glad to finally have this functionality back in XF - you know, the same functionality I had in SMF 10 years ago. ;)
I'm using this on my board! Works totally fine without any issues or faults and it's a really great addition to xenforo.
Using this on omgboards.com just fine. Works great, easy to customize, and great personal customer support.
Thank you for comment Floris (y)
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