[tLk] Thread Count

Unmaintained [tLk] Thread Count 1.1.0

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As @DDF 's request, added enable/disable thread_count change log option (which is shown on user edit page).

Especially on huge and active forums, that page can be seen awful due to lots of thread_count log info.

For disabling thread_count logging, just uncheck "Admin Home->Options->Logging Options->Thread Count Logging is Active" checkbox.
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Sorry guys, 1.0.2 was contains wrong files for fixing last post info update ( idiot me :( )

Please don't use 1.0.2, just update to 1.0.3
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Hotfix for not changing forum's last post info after hard deleting a thread ( as reported by @dutchbb )
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"Please enter a positive whole number." error hotfix

If you update from 1.0.0, you can just upload ftp files. There is nothing changed on xml file
Changed version number from 0.x.x to 1.x.x, because this add-on now counts threads real time
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User Title Ladder Criteria Support (Suggested on own forum)

User edit page showing added (Suggested by @xenfans (Floris) )


Fixed crashing with [TH] Login As User add-on
This version supports real time thread count increase after creating a thread
Cronjob didnt be removed for now due to not added thread count decrease support
Added usergroup promotion criteria

Fixed: Added missing phrase from version 0.0.1
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