user title ladder

  1. Rigo

    XF 2.2 Top Level Banner Only (Banner Stacking Off Not Working) Help

    As much as I keep trying, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong so I might as well ask for help. I want to show the correct banner for my users, according to the User Ladder minimum value. I created the user groups, looks fine I edited the templates in the app_user_banner.less section Just...
  2. Will Franco

    User Title Ladder Explainer Text

    As a user, where do I go to learn about the user title ladder? Ladder stages, how to move up the ladder, and what each level means.
  3. Forsaken

    Lack of interest Better user title system

    Rather than the current basic user title ladder where titles are rewarded for trophy, reactions or posts, I would prefer to see a system where users can unlock titles by fulfilling criteria, and then choose which titles they wish to use at any given time. This would allow for pushing activity...
  4. gigipmc

    XFCoder :: Title Ladder Gems

    Visualizes the user's position on the User Title Ladder. You can choose a default image for the ladder levels, as well as custom images for each level. You can add custom CSS in the style properties so as to create a progress bar effect (example given in the add-on), or other effects of your...
  5. Oblivion Knight

    Fixed User titles still showing despite clearing user title ladder

    My understanding is that by clearing the user title ladder, user titles should no longer be displayed? However, I have done this and the existing user titles are still being displayed for all users. I'm having to add this to extra.less to remove them from view completely.. .userTitle {...
  6. Frode789

    XF 2.0 User Title Ladder - replace titles with images

    So from my phpBB days, I used images rather than titles (or a combination), for my user title ladder. This was easy and you could do this in a drop down menu, selecting what image you wanted. Can this be done in XF2?
  7. DrYontem

    Unmaintained [tLk] Thread Count 1.1.0

    As you know, XenForo doesn't track user's thread count. (Reference @Mike 's this post) So, I just created this add-on. Features Real Time thread counter User Group Promotion support User Ladder Title support Trophy criteria support Admin panel User Edit page support Notable Members Page "Most...
  8. D

    XF 1.5 How i can show user title ladder ?

    How i can show user title ladder ? as shown in the picture. Best Regards.
  9. phtvs

    XF 1.5 Remove all custom user titels?

    Is it possible to remove all the custom user titels at once? (Batch update users does not have user titels in it) I want to use a user title ladder, but most of the users have a custom user title. I already set persmissions for the user title at NO, but that doesnt remove the custom user titel...
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