Resources by Bloodcinder

Roleplaying Dice - Trigger Pack for Postbot Bloodcinder
Adds advanced dice-rolling triggers to your forum. Requires Postbot by Bloodcinder.
Plugin Nodes Bloodcinder
Unmaintained Plugin Nodes 1.2.1
Embed Flash, Java, CometChat/ArrowChat rooms, and other apps in the node tree alongside your forums.
Postbot - Automated Replies to Triggers Bloodcinder
Your forum can respond to !trigger commands posted by permitted users.
Automatic Reply Preview Bloodcinder
Unmaintained Automatic Reply Preview Final
Automatically preview replies/edits after More Options without having to click Preview button.
Add-On Timestamper Bloodcinder
Unmaintained Add-On Timestamper Final
Exactly one little feature: add a button to set an add-on's version ID to the current timestamp.
Alert Count Bloodcinder
Unmaintained Alert Count 1.4
Alert count in browser tab title with automatic updates, for all members or by permission only.
Slide Out Poll Bloodcinder
Unmaintained Slide Out Poll 1.2
Hides poll options in thread creation until the user presses the "Add a Poll" button.
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