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Unmaintained Slide Out Poll 1.2

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The "Add a Poll" button now toggles to "Cancel Poll" once the poll options are displayed. If you click the "Cancel Poll" button, the poll text will be wiped out and the poll controls will be hidden again.

Also made superficial changes to admin options phrasing.
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If you are using XenForo 1.3, you do not need this update, but it won't hurt anything if you do install it.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an oversight where the "Add a Poll" button is still displayed under XenForo 1.4 even when polls are disabled for a forum.
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People were requesting that I update this add-on to work with the Xenforo 1.4 beta 2. I don't have access to a running copy of the beta, but I was able to make the changes just by examining the beta source code, and several users have confirmed that this compatibility fix works.

If you're currently using Xenforo 1.3, you won't need to update to this version, but it won't hurt if you do.

If you're using Xenforo 1.4, the previous version of this add-on will definitely not work, and this update should fix that, at least for beta 2. However, this compatibility fix might break by the time Xenforo 1.4 is actually released.
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You can now select the placement of the Add a Poll button from several choices in [Options -> Threads, Disscussions, and Conversations] just beneath the built-in option(s) for polls.

Currently, this supports placing the button in the row below the editor (default selection), placing the button in the row below the thread options and status, and showing the poll options by default (stock Xenforo behavior).

If you wish to see additional options, please suggest them in the discussions thread. Thanks.