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Slide Out Poll add-on for Xenforo
by Bloodcinder

This add-on hides the poll options when creating a thread until the user clicks the "Add a Poll" button. The poll options will then be shown and the browser will automatically scroll to them. The button will then be replaced with a "Cancel Poll" button which will reset and hide the poll options if they are no longer desired.

For forums where polls are of little use, this helps to save space and provide less distraction in the thread creation screen. Beginning in Xenforo 1.4, where polls can be disabled per-forum, it helps to clean up the thread creation interface for any forums you choose to enable polls in.

You can select the placement of the Add a Poll button from several choices in [Options -> Threads, Discussions, and Conversations] just beneath the built-in option(s) for polls.


slide1.png slide2.png slide3.png

If you find this add-on useful, please consider donating to help support future developments.


Thank you to okhello for the donation in support of this add-on.

  • The "Add a Poll" and "Cancel Poll" button labels are editable phrases.
  • This add-on does not in any way affect user permissions for posting polls. It is a cosmetic change only. If you wish to be able to disable polls entirely, upgrade to XenForo 1.4 or better.
  • If JavaScript is disabled, this add-on will gracefully fail by displaying the poll options as normal.
For support or suggestions, please post in the discussion thread.
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Latest updates

  1. Button can now hide poll options after they are shown

    The "Add a Poll" button now toggles to "Cancel Poll" once the poll options are displayed. If you...
  2. Xenforo 1.4 fix

    If you are using XenForo 1.3, you do not need this update, but it won't hurt anything if you do...
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Latest reviews

Perfect. Removed unnecessary clutter from thread page. Sleek, clean, and streamlines the new thread creation process. Huge improvement for new users who get confused by seeing too many options.
I'm glad you enjoy it. Thank you for the contribution. I've acknowledged it in the donation section above.
Works as described. On my forum polls are rarely used. This little addon makes makes the user interface more clean and thus more transparant for my users. Many thanks!
On my forum polls are used rarely and this simple addon is perfect and it works fine, it simplifies the create new thread options, thank you very much!
Works perfect, it would be nice if theres a button to hide the poll again, so I can't give it 5 stars. But at all, it works great, thank you very much!
I'm sorry I didn't notice your suggestion for a long time, but the new 1.2 update implements what you wanted. The button now functions as a show/hide toggle and wipes the poll data when hidden so no accidents occur.
To me, this is a must for any forum. Seeing so many options on the Create Thread page becomes overwhelming, and it also stretches the page out more than it needs to. This keeps things clean and looking sleek.
Very useful, specially for people who may get confused seeing so many options on the Create Thread Page.

5 Stars! .................................................
It's the little things that add that cool touch.
Thanks. I know this add-on is suuuper trivial/basic, but it really does help tidy up. I'm glad you enjoy it.
works great!
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