Which addons would you like to see as standard in Xenforo?


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Okay, so now we know that work will now be actively moving forward with 1.2 and on.

If you had a choice, what are the top 5 addons you would like to see as standard in Xenforo? These can be either from the current batch of resources, or something that has not been developed.

Here are my 5:

  1. Widget Framework. With a sidebar, this kind of thing seems to need to be there so that everyone can take full advantage of the flexibility that such a thing can have but currently doesn't.
  2. User Essentials. Right now, users can make threads and respond, but very little else. This adds a lot of functionality that would make for a richer user experience.
  3. Conversation Essentials. By the same author as User Essentials, this addon makes something that is usable but limited into something very robust and workable for everyone.
  4. XenUtiles. Anyone who doesn't have this addon already is probably having a bad time. Sitemap & additional spam functionality works wonders.
  5. XenPorta. If not this specific portal, at least some sort of versatile and functional CMS or portal needs to be included at some point.
There are others that I think are extremely useful, but should stay as addons and not be a part of a bloated base of code.


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Wasn't there one of these in the beginning of XenForo?

The first three I can understand, however XenUtiles functionality is already planned separately as far as I'm aware. A lot of it isn't something I'd want in the core product either.

XenPorta I wouldn't want, because everyone has a different need for a portal. I rather use a 3rd party one that supports 3rd party products.


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Reports as posts (into a nominated moderators forum) - sorry guys, but have never really got on with the Report Centre. :coffee:


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So many to choose from, it's hard to say, but off the top of my head, integrated Stopforumspam and essential utilities like Merging users etc.