Username Change by Siropu

Username Change by Siropu 1.2.5

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Go to "siropu_username_change_tab_link" template and change this:
With this:
<li style="display: none;">
Or you can delete everything.
Very nice, just switched to this from this add-on.

If anyone else decides to make the switch, you can use this SQL query to retain username change history:
INSERT INTO `xf_siropu_username_change_history` (`user_id`, `username_old`, `username_new`, `date`, `incognito`)
SELECT `user_id`, `old_value`, `new_value`, `change_time`, `private_change`
FROM `xf_cz_userchange_log`
Alright, thanks. Also, possibly a little note about what it actually does. Like, "This feature will change your username in this forums. Username is basically your display name. You login with this thing. You change it, then you'll have to login with the changed username in the future. Got it?", or something along that line. I was flabbergasted yesterday because my user asked what was that feature do.
@Siropu I have been manually processing username changes for a while now.

Users have been requesting a "Username change log" under user profiles.

Do you know if this would work for that?
Or would it only apply to future name changes done with this addon?
Can you add a feature where mods would be able to change the username from the member profile if they have the correct permission?
For example, when a mod goes to "Username History" there's a little button which will open a menu where they can change the same stuff as in ACP.

I'm personally very strict about who I gave ACP access.
This Add-on allows users to change their username themselves, you don't need mods for that.
@Siropu "siropu_recent_posts_remaining_changes" phrase is missing from the XML file, but it's being used in "siropu_username_change" template.
As the phrase prefix tells, it has been attributed to my "Recent Posts" Add-on. I think I need a break. :ROFLMAO:
I will release a fix soon.
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