XF 2.2 One-time username change for new registrations


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I often have new users that screw up with their username for some reason. E.g., they inadvertently use their real name, email address, or have some other issue.

I'd like new users to have the ability to change their username for say a week before the usual username change interval kicks in. Is that currently possible or does that require an addon?
You can use the usergroup and promotion system that xenforo has to create a group of recent users and allow that group to change their nickname. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Create a new user group called “Recent Users” and set the permissions for changing the username.
  • Create a new user group promotion called “Recent Users Promotion” and set the criteria for joining the promotion as you wish.
  • Set the promotion action to “Add user to user groups” and select the “Recent Users” group.
  • Save the promotion and rebuild the user group promotions cache.
This way, any new user who registers will be added to the “Recent Users” group and will be able to change their username. After that, they will be removed from the group.

I hope this helps.
No, they want the user to not "waste" their change due to an error upon signup.

I think you can use this add-on since it allows you to change the settings per group. Then, you could use a promotion to change the interval (by group).
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