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Username Change by Siropu - Allows your users to change their username from user control panel.

Username Change Add-on allows your users to change their username from user control panel.

  1. Ability to change username in custom tables (for Add-ons that uses tables with username column)
  2. Username Change History
  3. Option to use "Incognito Mode" so that username won't appear in the username history on the user profile page (admins can still see)
  4. User Group Permissions (Change username, Use incognito mode, View username history, Maximum number of changes,...

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@Siropu can you add option for after user name changes, administrators / moderators may view the details of previous name change requests. Approved, denied, and those pending approval requests, all display their relevant information in an overlay. Thanks :)
@Siropu It means if a user change his/her user name, it will automatic add to moderation panel (Moderation Queue) like user/threads/posts approval. Of course it's just a suggestion :)
Thank you for the suggestion but this Add-on has been designed so that users can easily change their usernames. No waiting, no approving, just do it. :)
I know and already using in our forums now. Really that's awesome an add-on, it's no problem but probably you know, some people can use it when change his/her user name with "ad / bad / ugly" user names and thats would be a problem (in particular for large forums). That's why I said that user name changes should be with admin approval after user name changes. However, at least thank you very much. :)
This Add-on works with the XenForo "User Name Validation" option so you can add a list of disallowed words if you haven't done that already. :)
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