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Mike Creuzer

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It reminds me of how the Resource Manager used to look here before 1.0.2 was released.

Maybe @Audentio hasn't upgraded the RM on his demo board yet :)
Yeh, gotta upgrade it. Lots to do :p
Excellent, just having a play with it now.

Would you like bug reports on here, or on your own forum?
I don't have a preference, but our ticket system is probably best so it can be marked as completed and I can stay on top of them.
Would having a left sidebar rather than a right cause any issues with compatibility, etc with addons?
The sidebar moving is just done in CSS, so I cant imagine it would.


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How many styles you bought? ;)
I'm just curious to see if you just like to play with many styles or what not.
This is only the 2nd one I've bought. I had Metro from Miner....and got a refund on that. I have @Arty 's Soft Responsive, but only because I changed the licence from the Responsive Add-On.


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Hmm... I'm getting this when trying to import the XML. Have tried both uploading it via FTP and using the browse for file option:
Please enter a valid file name. The requested file could not be read.

Mike Creuzer

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Resource manager on our demo is upgraded, and it seems to be compatible with the style by default. Next, we'll patch the few bugs, finish integrating the AD Styler for style presets (my favorite feature, well second favorite after sticky navigation that took me forever), and start looking at plugins. I like to think I code fairly neat, so all plugins should be compatible by default if they follow XenForo's style of coding. But there might be a few issues. Feel free to report them here or in a ticket at audentio.com, and Ill get it upgraded.

We also will be upgrading Class, Drift, Quark, xenBlock and XenSplash over this week hopefully.

Mike Creuzer

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emm @Audentio the download links loops back to the main page. Is there a process before I get the download link?
I emailed you the download files a few mins ago. Our website is 100% custom, so every now and again I find things I need to fix. Like sanitizing the product name field to convert periods to underscores (which is the reason no one can download the product).

When anyone purchases the product, Ill email the product over immediately via your email on my site.


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@Audentio I just installed the theme and it has some visual issues with the Taiga Chat and XenPorta. Expecially xenporta where in three coloumn view the blocks get pushed to the bottom.