Implemented Move single posts directly to an existing thread


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Yeah I realised that, was just wondering why as you'd expect it to be available from within the thread tools dropdown. Maybe move this to suggestions?


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Which is the suggestion?

To be able to move posts from one thread directly to another?

Or for the merge threads option to be available within the thread tools dropdown?


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Is this possible now?

I created a new thread - and need an older thread merged into that but with the NEW first post and not the old ones first.

I know this was a problem with vB - it would automatically choose the oldest post to be the first posts and merge the others in to fit with the dates ... But that's not what I need.

Suggestions before I try and f** it all up? :)



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Nothing has changed.

It's still a two step process to move posts from one thread to another and posts are still sorted on date order.


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Its alarming to see that a basic feature like 'moving posts' is in the 'suggestions' section for almost 2 years with no fix or even a response from the staff. This should be a standard feature no?