New thread type - sealed response


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In addition to existing/normal discussion threads and polls, I suggest adding an option for a new type of thread where replies to the OP are sealed/hidden until a specific future date at which point all replies are made public.

This could be used for auctions, forum games, puzzle contests and more.

First post to sealed response thread would naturally be visible and the author would need to set the unseal date (just like setting an expiration date for polls).

Of course, mods/admins should retain privileges to read/edit/delete responses while they are still sealed.

This idea would be even better if the OP of a sealed response thread had an option to limit forum members to a single reply during the sealed time period.
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Actually sounds like a pretty good idea. It may be better served as an addon due to the people who will require it being only a small subset but I actually think that it wouldn't be that difficult and could be easily added to the core.
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