Ability to move comments from a thread to a profile post


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Someone made an off-topic comment in a thread that would be more appropriate on someone's profile. I wanted to move the comment there but it doesn't seem to be possible.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 122721.webp

Under "New thread - destination forum" there's no option for "profile", and if I paste the profile URL in the "existing thread" area it says "Oops! We ran into some problems. No thread ID could be found from that URL.".
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It would require a custom add-on to be developed.

Threads/posts and profile posts are two different content types.
To clarify, this is a feature request.

I noticed that I can't even move profile posts from one profile to another. This should definitely be possible.

profile posts.webp

One of those doesn't even have a checkbox to take mod actions on.

In this scenario, someone made a comment on the wrong person's profile. The easiest thing to do would be to move it to the correct person's profile. But that's not currently possible.
The same goes for converting a conversation to a thread. Xenforo lacks a conversion function. That's why developers of major addons generally create conversion features themselves.

Here is a related suggestion, which unfortunately did not receive enough votes or likes.

And another one here:

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