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A massive thanks to Matt for being patient with me yesterday and spending most of his evening setting up a VPS for me using Centminmod with his service offerings here He's been superb from start to finish, answering any questions I had and swiftly delivering the job on time, in fact, he done it a whole evening and went beyond with his service! Fantastic guy, very polite and professional. I will continue to be using his services as he is brilliant at what he does! -Happy returning customer-

p.s this thread should be stickied in this forum :P
Matt has been doing my server administration and configuration for 5 years now, and I can't say enough. He is outstanding in terms of ability, reliability, integrity, value/pricing, efficiency, timeliness, and communication.

If Matt stopped working with me, I would probably get out of doing forums. He takes the pain out of forum administration and lets me enjoy the sites.
I had some problems with my host over the weekend, and despite it being the weekend, Matt dedicated his time to troubleshoot the issue swiftly. I can't thank him enough for doing so. He truly is the best!
This guy is a pure genius...I have used @MattW many times and he never ever lets me down. Do not even think about using anyone else, leave it all to Matt to set your server up, enhance it or whatever you need.

Matt set my dedicated server up a couple of months ago and I just now accidentally deleted all my sites on my server, I mean ALL of them, XF sites, IPS and even a CS-Cart shopping cart site and WOW, Matt came to the rescue and got them all going again within minutes.

Thanks Matt, I can now sleep at night
@MattW just moved me to his managed servers as I was experiencing load issues on my old host. Running great so far AND he moved me over with practically ZERO downtime for my users. :) Could not recommend him more. He's awesome. 🙏 (y) (y) 🕺
Just have to give @MattW's thread a bit of love...

He's carried out various bits of work here and there for my forum over the years, and today he upgraded my outdated XF 1.x forum all the way through to v2.1.10 Patch 2. I asked him last Tuesday to look in to what was needed and he completed the work mid morning today - fantastic turnaround :)

A quick summary of what he sorted for me.
  • Removing all the addons I didn't want any more or weren't relevant to 2.x
  • Migrating XenZine articles in to Article Management System - which had to be done while still in XF 1.x before upgrading to 2.x
  • Upgrading XenForo to 2.x
  • Upgrading both AMS and Showcase to the 2.x versions
We've really streamlined my installation now. From XF 1.x with 15 addons to XF 2.1, Media Gallery, Resource Manager, Bobs AMS & Showcase.

Thanks Matt (y)
Just wanted to post an update to this thread, as it's been almost a year.

My shared hosting platform has really taken off over the last 24 months, and has expanded to cope with the growth.

I have various standard package levels available, as well as custom packages which I can set up based on specific size requirements.

All plans come with:

Litespeed Cache
Jetbackup Triple off site backups
IP Anycast DNS

I've been able to save people quite a substantial amount of money moving from their own VPS onto my shared platform because the servers are over spec'd and under provisioned. I don't offer the cheapest hosting around, but I do pride myself of stability and support. My customer turnover is very small, and I've had people on here remaining customers for 6+ years.

Please start a PM with me if you want to have a go and try it out (y)
I migrated to @MattW's shared hosting platform in November 2020, and quite honestly it's the smoothest experience I've had with running XenForo yet..

He's already mentioned that he's not the cheapest, but there's just certain things in life that you get what you pay for and this is most definitely one of them. He even took care of the migration itself for the smoothest possible transition. I have nothing bad to say about my experience so far, and can only thank the many members on here who recommended him.
Another big up for Matt, have used him a couple times over the years to snag some minor bits on my server setup/elastic issues and always sorted with minimal fuss

Contacted him again yesterday asking if i could book him in again and explaining a couple issues i was having and seeing as he still had access to my server he just logged in and fixed it instantly with no booking and without payment and also advised me on an issue i was having with SSL setup stopping URLs unfurling so i could jump on it and get it fixed

Top bloke and definitely recommended
Outstanding Service Provider!

Extremely reliable, very fast turnaround time, always professional, just gets things done and gets them done right! Cares for his clients and is always looking out for his clients best interests! Very easy to work with, great communication! Highly recommended!

Thank you Matt for once again exceeding my expectations!
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