100% Ground Up CentminMod Server Setup & Optimization Saving You Money On Hosting

I would prefer everyone to not use @Brent W and to steer clear.

Not because he's bad at what he does. Actually quite the contrary, Brent has done several jobs for me in the past and just as recently as last night, migrating one of my sites to a new domain and setting up redirects while also ensuring all my servers were updated.

Before that, I used this very service being advertised to setup a couple new servers for me and moved a number of my sites to said servers, while also configuring cloudflare and AWS S3 backups. I now pay much less each month than I was previously, my sites are faster, while also being better protected via backups and cloudflare - all thanks to Brent!

Each time I've called upon Brent, communication has been very responsive via email and the prices are certainly fair for the amount of work I usually ask for him. On occasion he's even answered and fixed issues unrelated to the work he was paid for.

Really, I'm grateful for the service Brent provides and would certainly recommend him. However, I would prefer no one contact him so he's always at my beck and call. But if you must contact @Brent W, you'll be happy you did... heck tell him I sent you - I'll take the free referral payment! (y):D
I hired Brent to migrate my forum to a new host and fix the issues I've been having and I could not be happier with the service he's provided. He's been professional, friendly, patient, and overall just a pleasure to work with. I'm going to come back to Brent for any future system administration work I need and I'd recommend him to you too.
Please contact me for a special quote for a highly optimized Centminmod server setup for the new year!
Are you up to date with the latest standards, this thread is 4 years old, just wondering if you have an update to it or if you have started a new thread considering the hundred of changes since then?
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