I've just replied your ticket. I don't check conversations often.
The contact us form creates a ticket and I have checked previous ticket and haven't seen any from yours.

Thanks for the quick reply...
Sent you the details of the issues I am having....
Here I was, 3 weeks ago with a 12 years old forum ruined by VBulletin 5, and then hacked. I cannot imagine worse contitions to start with. Ivan of Todo10 did everything to look so easy, we got rid of the hacker then migrated the broken VBull5 forum to Xenforo. Since then they are around the clock for us solving every request I have.
24/7 of great professional service, by far the best I've ever seen or heard of. They are simply incredible! Everything you read in other testimonials is true!
Highly recommended!
New here and to XenForo. VB5 was a nightmare. Claudio was a breaker to work with. He did so well switching my forum over I also had him switch my email server. I will not hesitate to hire him again and again. 5 stars!
The other day I posted a thread asking who is interested in doing a complete site install and after several responses, I decided to go with Claudio from Todo10.com. Well, I've got to say that I was not sorry that I did. He did a awesome job! He did it the same day as I asked and did it fairly fast. Probably about as fast as someone could do. I do want to mention one thing.... Claudio is a person who thinks ahead and that's a good thing.

He took the time to save needed files from my previous install, put those files in a saved folded and continued on with the new install. I definitely appreciated that, even though I had already done most of the backup myself. It was just good to know that I was dealing with someone who is thinking ahead. Took some of the worries away. Anyways, enough with that.

I've only dealt with Claudio this one time, but from what I've experienced , he provides quality work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A+
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My forum was stuck on VB5. It started on the VB cloud product. Then we had our own instance (of VB) running in Amazon. We contacted Todo10, because others had tried and (miserably) failed to get us to XF. Claudio from Todo10 was on holiday, so we had to wait a few weeks. We then ran into some unspecified database issues trying to do the conversion. In the end, the only thing we lost was some time. Todo10 was able to get us over to a clean version of XenForo where others had failed - and despite all the extra time they had to invest, they stayed by their original estimate.

We would use Claudio and Todo10 again.
It's great to see 2+ years after we used Todo10, that they're still helping get people off the horrid vBulletin software and onto a mighty fine software called XenForo!

Good work Claudio!
Claudio from Todo10 just completed a conversion for me from a highly modified and outdated 17 year old forum running IPB1.3 to Xenforo 1.5 and has went above and beyond what I expected. When the conversion was completed he had my forum set up on a test server and told me to check it out. I was very impressed that EVERYTHING was working and we didn't lose anything in the process. I wound up hosting my forum with Todo10 also after 17 years with the same host that treated me well. Anyone thinking of doing a conversion or any other upgrades should contact Claudio before making a decision. I'm glad I did.
Thank you Claudio!!!
I have been using Todo10.com for ongoing monthly maintenance, add ons installation, and more. In terms of your day to day wants and needs for a forum, they are the best. When you have a big board or multiple boards, having a pro that knows your server is key. Their server knowledge and general can-do attitude when it comes to add-ons makes it possible for me to focus on the business of my forum. Responsive, reliable, and affordable. All the best to you Claudio and Javier!
I put up a post back in June asking for recommendations for Xenforo specialists. A few people recommended TODO and after having a brief chat with Claudio, I decided to hire them. It turned out to be an incredible decision and I wanted to share a little about my experience.
One of my membership sites was hacked back in June, due to vulnerabilities both in the membership plugin I use, as well as the XENAPI plugin. As a result, there was malicious code all over the site and the hacker found a way to route some of my sales to his personal paypal account. This went on for about a month before I realized something was wrong.

I first hired another (very well respected) company to clean up my site and planned on using TODO afterwards to tighten up my Xenforo security. But after paying hundreds of dollars for the cleanup, I noticed that sales were still being leeched. I was incredibly frustrated and decided to explain my issues to Claudio and Javier.

After Javier investigated, he said the only way to know for sure I was safe was to rebuild everything from scratch. In less than a week, he rebuilt my entire site, reinstalled all the programs and plugins and made sure it was working flawlessly on his server before porting it back over to my own.
The part I couldn’t believe is that he didn’t charge me anything beyond the initial fee I paid to have my site updated and cleaned up. I was floored. Of course, I gave him a substantial bonus for his generosity but he deserved far more for what he did. This was my first realization that these guys truly cared about my company and would do almost anything to make sure I was happy with their services.

Since then, I’ve signed up for TODO’s monthly monitoring service and they now have a customer for life. I’ve been selling online for over ten years, and I’ve never found a support team with the combination of expertise and genuine desire to help you that these guys have.
Since the hack, I’ve had multiple other issues arise and every single time, Javier has quickly solved each of the issues. It’s been a real gift to find someone who is always accessible to me on skype, is incredibly friendly, patient, and just flat out knows his stuff, inside and out. I really can’t praise these guys enough. The peace of mind I have is worth far more than what they charge. Thanks again to Chris57, actionmedia and HotRodCarts for the recommendations!
So, three years ago, Claudio saved my butt by moving us to XenForo, from vBulletin 5. I literally just reached out to him to help with another issue (addon related) - he came straight back to me, within seconds and sorted the issue! Claudio is amazing at what he does. The whole Todo service is amazing. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you very much Claudio. You are a life saver! TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME MONTHLY MAINTENANCE! Another customer for life.
forking upgrade....

I would pay anything for phone support!!!

I hate submit a ticket and enter all needed garbage to log into my stuff

teamviewer or phone is so much faster and easier for me. (As a Medical business owner and not a software developer)

Customer service from Xenforo has a lot to be improved on.

Charge money for this! I am not asking for free help here.

Get someone to upgrade for you.
Like Todo10.com
Claudio upgraded my forum, worked with me a bit on styling, helped with https conversion and much more. His price was extremely reasonable and I appreciate his help immensely. I would highly recommend him for any of your needs as he did a great job, worked through some add on glitches and continues to help out.
5-star service from Claudio! He migrated my vB forum to XenForo 2, built me a nice theme, and installed Ads Manager. A very painless transition from vB to XF which I could have NEVER done myself. Fair pricing, excellent service. Highly recomended!
Excellent service from Claudio and his team. They've written a Wordpress<>Xenforo bridge to our specifications. It took a little longer than originally planned due to illness, but they keep us up to date weekly with their progress, which we greatly appreciated. They've been very responsive to bugs, and everything went live smoothly. I will be very pleased to work with Claudio again in future, and would highly recommend him.
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